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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm looking to start coin magic, but all the stuff on T11 is like intermediate/ advanced.
    Any suggestions?


    P.S. I saw on E a thing called Metal Jones... I'm not sure about it because I've bought from E before and I think we all know the T11 quality beats the hell out of Ellusionist, and I had bad experience with them before.
  2. you can buy metal it's a very very good dvd , believe me , you can also read the reviews on the forum
  3. There are two DVDs I'd say are pretty good for beginner. One is Metal and the other is In the beginning there were coins (Jay Noblezada). But there is a book that I would say have more value than either of them is Bobo's Book on coin magic.
  4. Though I don't have the DVD, I've heard great things about metal. I also think eric jones is one of the best artists on ellusionists roster. You almost always get what you pay for. Another great set is the David Roth coin set, which is 3 DVDs and goes over tons of basic moves and routines in addition to providing some more intermediate/advanced stuff (like spellbound) on the third DVD. Of any resource though, I would HIGHLY recommend BOBO's Modern Coin Magic. Whatever stage coin magic you are at, this really contains almost anything you might want to know to make your magic more solid. And at around $10 most places, you really get so much bang for your buck. It teaches dozens of vanishes, sleeving, tricks with gimmicked coins, multiple full routines (winged silver, misers dream), and much more. Even if you feel like you want to learn from a DVD, you should still get the book to be able to refer back to and take things from.
  5. Learn the classic palm... And a DVD i would recommend is David stones Basic coin magic.
  6. If you are a visual learner and need to see the sleights / moves go with "Metal". If you are into learning EVERY possible thing with coins and know how to break down the moves from a book....Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic. Eric will even tell you to go buy the book.
  7. I just picked up Digital Dissolve, and even though it isn't very sleight heavy, it is a miracle and will go well with any coin set you decide to use.
  8. Thank you very much. I am a visual learner.. unfortunately I just don't have the attention span when trying to learn from a book. I actually just bought Metal, and it's currently downloading :)
  9. Digital Dissolve is very cool, but on Danny Garcia's (nunchuks) projects he has an Impromptu version, called 'Micro Dissolve', and I've already got that, so there isn't much point for me to get it right now.. but when I'm more advanced I might :)
  10. Metal is great. If you watch it and practice you tail off, you will be good to go for a while. But I would also buy Bobo's as well. So much stuff and its $10. Hard to beat.
  11. no, don't start with the classic palm ! this palm take months to do ! learn finger palm , thumb palm first
  12. Metal was a good way to go. Eric has some awesome stuff. I learned a few things. Good luck to you.
  13. As many people have already said, get Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Great book, no matter what level of expertise you have with coins. Metal is an excellent DVD, I have gotten some great stuff off it. It is very good for getting into coin work. Good luck!

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