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  1. I started flourishing a while back, well i did for a while then i stopped because i was so bad. People say that if your hands are small it doesnt matter but i cant do anything because my hands are so small.

    For the past few days ive been doing a lot of flourishing because i decided to start again i started with Dangerous but i kept dropping cards and it was annoying me, anyway i just got extreme begginers and it goes to the basics, charlier cuts and stuff. Ok i can do charlier cut but i actualy physicaly cant do double charlier cut.

    Its realy starting to annoy me because every flourish i try i cant do, and yes ive practiced loads but at the end of the day i cant do it and i dont know what im doing wrong.

    I stopped doing magic because i got bored of the stuff i can do, so i go onto something harder and i cant do it. :(

    Anyway, i find everything in Dangerous easier than a double charlier cut :S is it just me ?

    One other thing, in 4 sybil where u pull the first ace back with ure middle finger i do it and the card just flies away from me :(
  2. Try no to be too fustrated. Try flourishing on the bed, that way when u drop cards its easier to pick up. Start working on flourishes with 3/4 of the deck instead of the whole deck. You will find that once u master the flourish and add the remaining quater of a deck on, it becomes a lot easier.

    Now bout the double charlier, you really shouldnt worry too much about it, its pretty difficult. Ive been flourishing for 2 and a half years and it still is quite diffcult for me. Not a very "amazing" flourishing IMO, so dont stress too much bout it.

    Anyways, keep it up!
  3. Thanks for the advice, lol yeh dropping the cards gets so depressing
  4. Try to practise with your favourite music on (techno, punk, metal and etc), and it will give you the rhythm for it. Start the moves really slow and it gives you time to adjust your fingers allowing you to get used to it. As time progressed, it will become faster. I wish you all well and luck.
  5. practice in front of a t.v. or to some music you like. Now, what i've found, is that what usually restricts you from doing stuff like a double charlier is that you might be afraid to bend your cards. Don't worry about the top card bending, just really try to stretch your thumb on there. Make sure you can actually DO the cut before you try to get it smooth or fast. How i learned the double charlier was that i tried it at first, and couldn't do it for me life, so i stopped practicing it. Then, like a month later, i decided to try it again, and i did it perfectly the first time. Pretty weird o_O.
  6. yep

    althought i can see the beauty in a flourish and i understand how hard it is to get that ability and that dexterity

    i actually just do regular to non difficult flourishes anyway and just after im done performing card magic
    i dont like people to think i am a card sharp i think it can take away from the magic. (i like moving really slow and smooth so people dont think im doing a pass or whatever move)
    i havent seen david blaine EVER to perform a flourish anyway
    (correct me if i am wrong)

    but yeah.. if it is your cup of tea keep practicing
    the best kind of magic is the one that requires practice, practice and practice
  7. David Blaine did the hot shot cut. Thats a flourish ;)
  8. don't be too hard on yourself. I've been practicing flourishes since like...a year ago and I practice and practice everyday, even on the train, and i still drop cards. So what I'm saying is...just try to get used to the flourishes and practice them a couple times a day everyday and you'll start to get better and better.
    And remember, you dont necessarily HAVE to do the flourishes exactly the way they do it on the DVDs. Modify them to make it easier for ur hands to do.

    keep practicing ;)
  9. thanks for all the advice, im getting better :)

    i gave up on double charlier though lol, omg one handed shuffle is so hard i can get into the possition sortof but i cant do the shuffle
  10. Double charlier is just one of those things where size does actually matter. I posted, somewhere, an idea for a double charlier a long time ago (i can't stretch that far but I do it a different way)... In brief, instead of pushing the bottom pack over and closing the charlier, push it against the side of the top pack, using thumb pressure to drop half the top pack into a triangle shape, then raise the dropped pack again a la a normal charlier and complete the charlier by closing. The concept can be applied to multiples if your thumb doesn't stretch far enough.
  11. I've been doing flourishing for roughly 2 months. I gave up completely on the thumb cut/charlier (having medium sized hands) I just couldn't seem to stretch the distance needed to perform these cuts. To me personally I don't find them appealing anyhow so I said screw it. It's very annoying to drop cards and you'll have days where it's best to just not touch the cards because you feel as if you're spending more time picking up cards then anything else.

    It's a very time consuming, difficult process but if it's really something you're into then it's obviously worthwhile. Practicing over a bed or desk is good as picking them up off the floor is obnoxious. Movies, Music and tv help as well while your practicing, they ease the frustration as most of your attention is off the deck and on something else but you can still get a good bit done.

    Just keep at it. :)
  12. i am a beginner in flouhrising and learnd a few cuts turnover and moulucoul 4 sybile 4 sybile
    its hard work i have big hands for my ages but when you practic you always mess up
    and its depressing but if you can do it its a amazing felling and its worth all the troubel
  13. pull it with your middle and ringfinger,
  14. Like spelling and grammar. Tricky little devils...
  15. LOL. There wasn't a single punctuation mark in that entire thing!

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