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    I just got static.

    BUT, i broke the gimmick...........

    Anyone encountered the same situation? And is it possible for me avoid this problem? what if i break it during my performance?
  2. We discovered your fox tail.......Mind explaining your self?
  3. are you trying to get people to tell you how to make the gimmick? People arent stupid...if you broke it...make a new one...the instructions are on the DVD
  4. forget what i said about buying the materials myself, sorry.

    the fact is i bought it in a magic shop, the shop claims that they import their goods directly from T11, so i believe in their quality. Don't get me wrong, the quality of the goods is good but for static, they just give me one gimmick, cheaper though. That's why i don't know that the dvd should come with extra thread. I'm sorry that my question is confusing again.

    So, how do you avoid breaking the gimmick? Maybe i pushed the card in too heavily.
  5. oh my god. sorry. but u gotta be kidding me. :rolleyes:
  6. no, not kidding. it's true:(..

    I just want to know how to avoid the problem. what if i break it during my performance..
  7. This doesn't seem possible with the Static Gimmick...
  8. Watch the DVD to make the gimmick again =.=
  9. okok, i'm sorry. I just want to know how to avoid breaking now, that's all.
  10. You can't really... just make a million gimmicks... It's bound to break at some point... maybe after a few uses. But if you do want it to last longer, be gentle.

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