Step away from the cards, sir.

Sep 2, 2007
I've been thinking (oh, God, here he goes!), and I've realized that recently, my magic is getting a little stale. I've got a lot of things going on, and that might contribute to this, but I've just been getting more and more bored with both practicing and performing, and when people ask me to perform all I can ever think of to do is the same handful of card tricks. I think I may have realized what the problem is.

Ever since I got back into magic, I've been beating myself over the head with card tricks. I keep telling myself I'm going to learn some other types: coin, sponge ball, thumb tip, etc., but I always end up falling right back into my card rut.

So I'm issuing a challenge to myself, and I'm inviting anybody who wishes to join me. Beginning today, October 31st, and ending December 1st, I will not touch a deck of cards except to take all the decks I have laying around and put them in a shoe box in the closet. I will neither practice nor perform anything involving cards. During this time, I will work on other forms (coins, bills, cups and balls, sponge balls, silks, thumb tips, D'lites, etc.) and become as proficient as I can with them. I'm interested to see what this does to my magic, what I can learn, and whether or not I'll have a more complete picture of magic when it's all over with. At the end of it all, I might submit a few media videos demonstrating some of the knowledge I've gained. I invite anyone to join in with me in improving our magic by becoming something other than a "card man." Think you can handle it?
If I did that my hands would fall off. I'm going to start practicing with coins very, very, very soon. Once I buy my silver dollars I need from my local magic shop. I meant to buy them last time but they got shipments of Vipers and I decided against it.

Sep 1, 2007
:) good luck to all of those who are attempting this feat. i don't think i could do it, i don't know enough resources for sponge balls altho i would like to start seeding out from cards.
Sep 2, 2007

I don't do 15-30 minute sessions a day with my cards to begin with (perhaps I should).

If one area of my magic becomes a little "rusty" so others can thrive, I can always catch up on cards later.

And sorry, but this challenge calls for a complete departure from card magic for a month. If you're not doing that, you're not meeting my challenge. I never said this would be easy. I've almost reached for my Guardians about three times since I posted this challenge.

And as far as sponge ball resources, I own only one, and it's a dvd called "Amazing Sponge Ball Magic," I think. It teaches you pretty much every sponge-ball sleight you'll ever need, and it teaches you a few routines. You should check it out.

Also, if you're strictly a flourisher and not a magician, this challenge obviously can't apply to you.
Sir... I adcept your challenge! I need to work on my sponge balls I really need help with a routine I have the same dvd as you I believe and it is good I just need to get through it...
I have been trying to do the opposite. I have always done coin, rope, rubber band, etc. magic and had always only known a couple of card tricks. So about a year ago I decided to try to focus on learning a number of really good card tricks and increasing my skills in that area. I think every magician should be able to do at least three good card tricks, although I would like to have about ten down well. Of course if they involve something other than just a deck of cards, like a zip lock bag, then it is a bonus in my book.

On the other hand only being able to do card tricks is very limiting in my opinion. Magic to me means being able to pick up just about any simple common object and do something crazy with it, be it a spoon, pack of sugar, acorn, tooth pick, etc. So I applauded you for opening up your horizons.
Sep 10, 2007
Co.Dublin in Ireland
well so far I havent touched cards, even though it has only been 2 - 3 days. Damn spongeball ripped need more ,need more ah WERE ARE MY SPONGE BALLS :mad: , oh there is one few nearly picked up a deck.:)

So anyway I am going to try tis challenge. Lets see how it gose :(
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