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  1. Hi guys!

    Steve Forte is probably one of the best and certainly one of the most respected cardsmen out there. Especially his skill with gambling techniques is incredible.
    But I haven't found any book or DVD in which he teaches any of those techniques. Of course, there's the Gambling Protection Series, but from the clips I've found on YouTube it seems to be very difficult at the very least to learn from that.
    Have I missed anything? Does anybody know any place where he teaches his amazing moves?

    Thank you very much for your help!
  2. I probably hit the same sites you did when searching for Steve's stuff. Steve may not be the teacher on the tutorials or author of the books but you can search by the moves you want to learn.

    Jason England here at T11 has some decent tutorials.

    Sal Piacente also has some decent stuff on gambling.
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  3. Hey,

    Steve hasn't released any projects focused on teaching techniques, yet.

    He has, of course published two books on the techniques used to cheat (Casino Game Protection and Poker Protection) these books teach about these techniques but don't go so far as teaching you how to do them (Although that can easily be done from these books). He has also produced the GPS series of videos as mentioned above. Again, you can learn from watching these videos simply watching them over and over and monitoring each move.

    Steve Forte is currently in the late stages of publishing a new book on sleights designed for magicians. It is due later this year and will likely be far more in depth in terms of teaching the sleights.

    I've been waiting a while for this book, it will likely never get put on the shelf!

    Kind Regards,

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  4. Little update on what I found out since posting this thread: Steve Forte will be releasing a book in the course of the year. This has been confirmed by Jason England (on The Magic Café forums, in case anybody wants to see for him-/herself), who was present at least at some of the shoots for the photos illustrating the moves. This will in fact be a book to teach the techniques; Jason England has stated that the techniques taught do not overlap with moves shown in other books/DVDs by Steve Forte.
    He has also claimed that the material is "what you would get out of a 10 hour session with Steve Forte." (paraphrased)
    The book will have more than 1000 pages (so it'll come as two smaller books) and will be illustrated by over 1400 pictures.
    The only snag: It'll probably cost around $300, so I won't be buying anything else by him until this book is published!

    If anything I have written here (as I said I got it from the Magic Café forums, where Jason England himself has posted these informations) is false or misleading please don't hesitate to correct me.

    @JoshL8 and @byronblaq Thank you very much for your responses. Josh, I don't think I've found any of the sites you mentioned. Could you give me a hint?

    byronblaq I wasn't aware that you could learn any techniques from his previous his books. Could you tell me which you think is best to learn from? (Though I'll probably be saving my money for his new release.)

    Thanks everybody!

    PS: In case anybody is interested, this is the thread mentioned above:
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  5. Spring St Aces By Steve Forte Available on Vanishing Inc's Art of Magic Site
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  6. Yep, 300 bones is a bit steep in price.. But it's a heck of an investment.. The information is priceless.. So I might just find a way to swing the cash..
  7. That's true. When I got to magic I had to really rewire the way I thought about book prices; 40-100$ seems to be a normal price for a really good magic book.
    But this work will probably be exceptional, written by one of the greatest of his time, containing more or less his life's work -- that's worth a bit more.
  8. Oh yes.. Been there, done that.. Had to rewire my thinking process many years ago as well.. So I understand fully..

    What my feeling is, is if Steve wrote it, it should be first rate. Like you say, he's one of the greatest of his time.. I see this book as more or less the Bible for people like us.. So to me, $300 is a small price to pay I think for a lifetime's work by one of the greatest men, to ever play the game..

    I'm seriously looking forward to this book.. Like another member here said, "it'll probably never see the book shelf." I plan to nose dive into this book, and only come up for air..
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  9. Agree one hundred percent. But there are some things on which I'll of course consult other sourches as well. For example, as far as I've seen Mr Forte uses the Erdnase grip for dealing, which I don't like too much. So I hope he includes other grips as well. Even if he doesn't I think a little Richard Turner will be tremendous to have and be able to refer to simultaneously. But even if he doesn't have anything on the grips I prefer, what he does have will probably prove incredibly useful knowledge anyway.

    That's me :) Seriously looking forward to it!
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  10. He doesnt just use the modified erdnase grip. If I remember correctly, in his GPS series he shows the mechanics grip as well.
  11. That's good to know, thank you!
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  12. Any further info on this anyone? We are about at the time this was expected to release according to all the guesswork back in Feb.

    I want this book so badly I can taste it. I want a pre-order. I want a signed copy with Mr. Forte and Mr. England putting the ink on the page (I'm lucky enough to have Mr. Forte's sigs in both PP and CGP), but all that aside, what I really want is another hit of that immense knowledge and technique from Steve and Co.!!

    TAKE MY MONEY!!! :)

    Paging Mr England, isle 1 please. Frantic table enthusiast losing his mind waiting on a book. Mr England, isle 1 please. :)

    Any further info on this would be much appreciated, thanks all.
  13. Every few weeks I do a google search to see if there's anything new, and I still haven't found anything. Getting kind of nervous here!

    Honestly, I don't care about the signatures (of course that's only until I get the option of actually getting them). But I want all this information so bad!!!

    If you find any more information on this, please, please, please tell me! If you don't -- Ok, I can't think of an appropriate punishment at the moment, but you get the gist. It would be pure cruelty not to tell me.
  14. Hahah, that's EXACTLY where I'm at brother!! If the sigs are available I'm SO in, but it's the information I really crave!!

    Fair enough, I am scouring for info and probably won't sleep well until we can get in on a pre-order. I'm dead serious. This is a monumental event for me, you, and all Forte fans, and I do NOT want to blink and miss it!

    I will absolutely share if/when I find any info, and two sets of eyes are better than one, please share with me if you find/hear anything as well!

    Thanks! FB
  15. Of course I will. See ya soon, hopefully!

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