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    Hi guys,
    As some of you may already know, Steve Forte is nearing completion of his new book! This book is written for magicians, so it will actually contain detailed instructions on how to do the techniques described. As Vanishing Inc. puts it: Card technicians rejoice!
    As this is big news for many magicians and card handlers, I thought I'd give you an overview of what you can expect from this new book.

    1. Who is Steve Forte?

    Steve Forte (63) is among the most respected and capable card technicians alive. Make no mistake, he is no magician, nor does he claim to be one. He has spent his life mastering the skills of a card cheat and the advantage player. Starting out in his teens, he worked for a few years in Las Vegas, first in casinos (becoming the youngest casino manager in Vegas at 28), later as professional Blackjack player. During this time he developed countless strategies to beat the casino at every game in the house -- legally. After retiring from his career as gambler he founded a firm that offered consultation for casinos, to prevent cheating and advantage play. His reputation was further established by his "Gambling Protection Series", a video series that exposes cheating techniques and, to this day, serves as golden standard in this area.
    He has since gone into retirement, though he published several books since then.

    2.What will his new book contain?
    1. A chapter on Erdnase
    2. Sal Piacente, in a Penguin Lecture, announced that the book will contain his legendary TRS (Total Recall System), a memory system that allows him to rattle of every remaining card of a legitimately shuffled deck after 70-80% have been dealt face up.
    3. Some 80 methods to get the 4 aces
    4. Not sure on this, but I think some of the moves in the "52" section of the GPS explained in detail
    3. Other info
    1. Price: ~$300
    2. Format: >1000 pages (two volumes); >1400 photos
    3. It is said to come out by the year's end (probably)

    That's all I can think of and find right now. Let me know if I missed something or whether any of the info is incorrect. (Especially counting on you to correct me, @Jason England !)
    I'll keep you updated!

    Have a great day!
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  2. To prevent any confusion: What I listed under "What will it contain?" is of course not everything the book will contain, but the items I found out about. And just to be clear: I have no special access to this book; everything I wrote can be found elsewhere on the internet. The point of the thread is just to give an overview over the information given so far.
    Most of the info can be found on this thread of the Magic Café, for all of you who want to read for themselves:

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