Still fancy a pot of jam?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jonkanon, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I like the trick because it's a bit different than the standard coin tricks like coins across, coins through glass/table, three fly, three coin vanish etc. The trick is quick and visual and are really easy for the audience to understand. It is a perfect trick to do when asked to do a quick trick, and you don't want to bring out a deck of cards or do a fancy/advanced coins across routine.

    So I was wondering if anyone knew any tricks that are similar to James Brown's coin trick "Still fancy a pot of jam"?
  2. Are you talking about his Famous 11p Trick with the Jam ending?
  3. If you are talking about the 11p trick I love the routine too. I've been performing it for a little while now and really enjoy the surprise ending.

    A lot of James material is fantastic.
  4. Yep, we're talking about the same trick.

    But no one who knows any similiar trick to this one?
  5. No there's not one REALLY like it from what I've seen (Scott would def know way more than I would here) but you could always take what you learned here and design your own routine.
  6. Well, it's based off of the gimmicked locking sets of coins that you can buy at magic dealers, and has taken elements from Apollo Robbins' Coin on Shoulder.

  7. Scott, as tough as it may be. I am glad that there is someone here to remind us of the history behind our magic.

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