Still Life Magic

Jan 31, 2012
Does anyone know of some magic tricks that are extremely visual yet can be captured by a camera.

An example of what I mean would be Vertigo by Rick Lax. Once the visuals kick in and the deck is balanced or the box is balanced, you can stand still, unmoving, and instill a lasting, still moment of awe.

I am looking for magic that can be photographed as an impossible feat when standing still, like Vertigo.

Does anyone know any magic that creates a similar, if not the same effect?
May 6, 2013
Any smooth levitation. Fearson's box will be good for camera so would king rising be.

CRUSH and Spoon bending etc are good for pics but I dont think people might believe the back story for those. Coin bend looks powerful.

There is a free little balancing trick with which you can balance a can on a corner. There are a lot of impossible balancing tricks. there a traditional trick of balancing a deck of cards on back of the palm. BURN by daniel madison is also magical looking.

Theres a needle through palm effect that looks freaky.
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