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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheCuso, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Ok, i'd like to tell everyone to stop making senseless topics and opening threads here and there for no reason.

    If you want to say how good this theory11 thing, use one thread only. We all know how to use a forum nowadays so calm down and read other threads!

    To the admins: People will need an offtopic too (watch dananddave's forum or decknique) and some mods.

    I'd be glad to be one of them btw :p
  2. Agreed Cuso, the forum is getting very very messy, very very quickly.
  3. People are just excited because it is new, just wait and everything will calm down. Everyone feels the need to play with everything when its all new and fresh then they get bored and things all go back to normal :)
  4. I agree with you as well.. we serious need some moderators in here to move and tidy topics otherwise it will get out of hand...

    << 34 yr old computer consultant, experience of webhosting and message boards available for free hire for up and coming underground magic epicenter :p :p ;) >>
  5. I'd put my hand up, I run my own forum afterall, but I think my lack of being a magician would mean I wouldn't visit outside the flourish section often enough. Not to mention I don't take the internet that seriously, after working with it for almost 10 years, it's really the only way to survive.
  6. I think a problem here is a greatly unbalanced Mod to meber ratio, due to all the first day hype, and the fact that there hasn't been much time to build a team of moderators yet. I think it should calm down and become more organised in good time.

  7. <Bank Manager, Moderator of a 20,000+ Member Forum, Previous Administrator for the bank>

  8. since the site has only been up for a short period of time the mods have not been selected, i think. hopefully that will be one of the next moves made on the site so that order can be established on the forum... for what its worth i thought that Eric and Vinnie C. were doing a great job moderating the Decknique forums. just my 2 cents.
  9. Well, if you guys need a mod id like to be one. I moderated for a while on another site and im great at staying organized...
  10. I totally agree with you Cuso but people need to have some slack when coming to new forums. I believe that when moderators are chosen(I hope to be one) the mess will be cleaned up. As for everyeone posting useless topics I believe one or two threads could do us good. But as of right now it is messy but when some mods are chosen I am sure it will clean right up:D
  11. I agree with you Alejandro , all the topics in the genral forum is pointless , please guys , stop posting pointless topics =(
  12. I need to do this, man. Party pooper!
  13. YES! I'm with Cuso!

    It's only been a few hours since the site has been launched, and the forums are already starting to get spammed. Please keep all the nonsense and garbage out. Also, please don't be copy and pasting your posts from other forums here - if it's already on one forum, it's not needed on another.
  14. I agree. But the craziness will die down even in couple of days. I have modded about 3 forums, one from the very beginning, and I know that it will die down in about a week. I think that the rules need some editing, and that there needs to be more sections, such as a Off-Topic one that was said earlier. My ideas on what should be added to the rules:
    -rules about sizes of text
    -rules about CAPS
    -rules about multiple usernames
    -rules about impersonating other members
  15. I love the irony in this thread.
    "Please stop these nonsense threads"
    "Hey lets post a thread about how we hate these nonsense threads and turn it into a thread to hopefully get a mod position."

    Just read over the threads that are totally useless and they'll be off to the next page, or hopefully cleaned up by a moderator.
    Plus, a ton of kids are transfering over from E and they want to show off their magic smarts by posting a ton.
    It'll all die off once rules are inforced.

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