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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagikMakir, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I am not that much of a magician but I just w ant to say sumthing, I habe been a suscriber to Lamont's videos (also known as Mystifier1) and he is pretty goods, I have read sum of the comments you haterz put on his videos and you have not an idea of what you are talking about,I think you are just jealousof him, becaue I havnt seen any of you perform the way he performs, he is a very creative and original guy and I dont get the bad comments that you guys write about him.

    So plese, have some respect for the guys that acually do magic.thanks.

    here is the channel:

    plis respect.
  2. Yeah he is Awesome, DOn't diss him.

    You all are Haters.

  3. I just want to everyone to read it.
  4. lol no comment except i do actually have one question... Are you trying to get this thread closed? I mean this probably will just lead to a fight. I have so much to say but I will leave it in my mind.


    -Jake :rolleyes:
  5. EDIT: not even worth my time.
  6. I dont want to fight, I just wantto know why guys diss him so much, thankyou.
  7. Stop h8ting bras, ju no dat dis is the best, I bow to lamont, the nect criss angle.
  8. ...

    - Andy
  9. The first envelope please...

    A casino vault, this thread, and a zombie infected town...

    Opens envelope...

    Name three things that get locked down in the first 24 hours.

    I have never hated on him. I have only tried to offer my best criticism to help him become a better performer. I think the majority are the same. Besides, you can never stop yourself from getting hate, no matter who you are, or how good you are at anything you do.

  10. Keep uyor envelops, Sobs

    Just leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I agree with Tally-Ho, this thread is not worth anyone's time.

    Also, how many accounts do you have?, because when MagikMan posts, so does magiccreator and you guys joined the same date and are both defending Lamont...what a strange coincidence.

  12. I'm with you.
  13. yes i am holdin against saying anything

    *stop jake dont say it, u know this wont lead to a happy place.*
  14. I really dontwant this to close, I just wanto to hear everybody opinions, Idont get why you guys disrespect him so much.

  15. Do chill bra, no need to get all up in the face. OH wait

  16. Alright, first thing is first. If you are going to come to someone's defense and post up a message about why people should leave them alone then you must first, yourself provide enough reason to why you think anyone should listen to you. Your net speak, and horrible grammar is not going to aid you in your cause. Secondly, I've read most of his threads here on this site, and I feel that for the most part the responses he's received is accurate, constructive criticism. I'm not sure who you are, or why he needs your defense, but I don't think it is nearly as bad as you make it out to be. If you are responding to the messages he's received in his post threads on youtube then this thread doesn't belong here. Take your grief up with the people on youtube. T11 has been cool with him. ....mostly.

    to another point, I doubt you've seen me perform at all.

    Really dude, he post the videos here so we can give him constructive critisizm, which is just what we do. If he wants things sugar-coated, then he should go to his mom. And he certanly didn't need you to pretect him. And one more thing, we are magicians, and you said that you aren't, and we don't know what we are talking about but you do? Nice....

  18. Do the only place dat can be happy is if you can walk throoo a fenceeeee.

  19. Dear God, i'm loosing brian sells ass we speek.

    (What the hell was that?)

  20. Hey you was on WGM, ibit you wuld like to be lkie lamont.

    LEAVE Him Alown
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