Strange thing in Mystique

Mar 3, 2008
When d+M perform the trick "aces" he first let the spectator to shuffle the deck. But he dosen't explain how to get the aces on the right position after that. That's not explained. Did he missed that? :)
Sep 1, 2007
Yup, I also was curious about that, because you actually cannot see any palm, but it is cut a bit strange there. But maybe he simply used the moment that the woman riffle shuffles the deck, but of course she is not very good at it and as you can see it is more a block shuffle, the top block is retained. But otherwise, simply palm.

Oh, and I love this "Chris who?"-scene :D


theory11 moderator
That's far from exposure of the effect in question.

I am VERY against exposure of magic on the internet and had a hand in closing one of the biggest exposure resources that plagued the net in recent years.

The question that was asked was essentially how is one to locate the aces so quick after a spectator shuffles, not how is this effect done.

That's like saying that the shapeshifter is done using 2 cards...


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I agree. That was not exposure at all. Chill out man.

Jan 23, 2008
Leeds, UK
They're copped for his performance, but this doesn't mean you have to cop them in yours, in fact, for most, copping would just add more risk than is needed, just don't start with allowing the spec to shuffle
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