Strangely Cut Bikes?

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  1. hey guys,

    a couple weeks a ago i was at my families house, digging through a drawer looking for some cards (i had left mine at home). thankfully i found a functional deck but also something peculiar. it was a regular deck of red bikes but cut so that some of the faces of royals were cut off and all the edges were off kilter. i was wondering, how much do decks like that sell for, if anything? anything i should know about these types of decks?

  2. Misprinted deck.

    Try haggling it on the corner of 3rd and Main to make $1.

  3. Very, very common, and worthless. Usually if you get a terribly cut deck like that, you can send it in to the USPCC for a new deck (although, I'm not sure if you can do that with an older deck). :)
  4. nothing more probably less than a normal deck of bikes.
  5. Just about every deck of bikes I get have uneven backs...
  6. They are worthless. I've had a few of these as well and I just use them for practicing.
  7. I have seen normal decks that were cut like a stripper deck and thought that was pretty cool.
  8. It's funny you bring up this topic. One of the first effects I came up with over 10 years ago was also released and sold and is called Misprint. It really is one of those things nobody knows about anymore. Basically you visibly fix a misprinted card with the border problem that you are talking about. When I say visibly...I mean you hold the messed up card and it fixes itself with no switches or funny business like a color change. It really looks like trick photography.

    Just thought I'd throw in a word because I've actually used this effect on magicians when they bring up the misprinted cards they just bought. I remember the time I overheard John Carney at a convention and fixed his card for him.

    l u k e
  9. is it still available?

  10. Yup!

    Inferno Kaiser

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