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  1. I made this for TheCardist's contest. What do you think?

  2. That was great. A great andvertisment. Short and sweet. You made these cards look great. Im gonna go and buys some as soon as i can :p
  3. Thanks bro. You should definitely buy some.
  4. I loved every last second of it!!!! I liked the video so much I even watched the other videos on your channel.Haha Cheez-its!!! I can tell you are a beginner, but you are pretty good for a rookie. My advice is to keep taking moves that you like and start adding little changes and variations. That is how you find your style (; Anyway I love streamline cards as well....Why pay 3 bucks for bikes when you can buy 3 streamlines with that money. I use Streamlines all the time!!! They know me in wall-mart because I always clean off the shelf by buying all the streamlines Hahaha!!!

    The only bad part is that as you advance you will find there are some moves that you cannot do with streamlines that you can do with bikes!! Examples: Wind element, any move with fanning powder, gargoyle etc..
  5. ...What? How can you tell that he is a beginner?

    He doesn't seem like a beginner to me. If he is a beginner, you must be a frickin god.

    Do you happen to have a Youtube Channel so I can assess exactly how much of a beginner he is?

    And Dang! You go through cards fast! Streamlines last forever so I don't see why you would be buying so many at Wal-Mart.
  6. Yeah man I've been flourishing for like 2 years now...I guess I suck more than I thought haha. But I usually buy out all the Streamlines at Wal-Mart too only because I never shop there and they never stock their shelves.

    Thanks for the comments guys!

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