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  2. On the biddle trick, you don't have to mention that you are giving it a couple of cuts, they can see it. And the false cuts with it weren't needed also.

    thats all i've watched so far.
  3. Ok thanks for telling me.
  4. WARNING: You are about to be constructively criticized:

    • Better intro, much smoother
    • I hate the hand gesture, and the creepy whisper
    • The classical music score isn't working for me
    • Don't use Criss Angel's music, you say you want to separate yourself from him, but using his music doesn't do that at all. I will be the first to admit that it is catchy though
    • Work on your double undercut, or whatever cut you used to bring the card to the top
    • No more camera cuts, get one, good camera
    • If you must keep the continuous shot thing, please use a less-ugly type-face and color
    • Tell your camera man not to fall asleep at the camera, my camera man does that too :)
    • You don't need to point out that the card vanished, they can see that
    • Let the spectator spread through the cards, it's much more powerful
    • Music with lyrics can be sort of disorienting
    • I've always hated that force, just a person preference though
    • There's that whisper again
    • Are you being paid to run these commercials?
    • Not too bad of a presentation, the end could've been played up a little more
    • What are those random camera cuts about?
    • The guy can see with his own eyes, you don't need to point out that your shaking the cards or that the card turned face-up
    • You handled the cards very awkwardly
    • It didn't look to me like you did it any slower than before

    Overall, better than previous "episodes" improvement is still needed. I am trying to improve my magic as well, so I'll try to follow my own advice, haha.
  5. Thanks those I can actually take. Criss angel musci and that david copperfield music are the only songs I have with no words in it. Do you have any sugestions for songs I should get. I stopped the continous shot thing. The one with it in it was edited months ago. I do get things for proting people in my video ( I can get anything I want from them). The "I will do it slower was just an excuse so I could do it again. I wanted to make the effect longer).

    Thanks again.
  6. Well, I use Dana Hocking's music:

    There's also which I believe is mainly instrumental. I don't know if you play any instruments, but if you do, you can make up a simple riff or chord pattern and record it with a good audio recorder like this one:

    My friend and I laid down two tracks a few months ago that I used in my videos for a while. He played drums, and I played guitar. I'd be happy to send you those tracks for free as long as you credit us for the music.


    Come up with another phase then, maybe start out with one of the cards turn face-up, but not visually. Kind of like Twisting the Aces.
  7. It's the biddle trick, no need for breathing.
  8. Its okay, He took the "Go_Out.Perform" concept and changed it into:

  9. For the Biddle Trick, You can't say continuous shot after cutting the shot 3 times lol

    EDIT:: Also I am not too fond of the whole portraying Criss Angel thing... IMO...
  10. Thats a great idea thanks. Sure i will give you credit for the music. Thanks
  11. Well, I agree. I feel like you came off as sorta egotistical in the performance, and using Criss Angels music and hand gestures doesn't work (for him, either!).

    I advise getting a better camera.

    And if you need music, I write music (on several instruments) which I can send you some of for free as long as you credit as well.
  12. Yeah I could give you credit as well.
  13. You have been PMd, one's about a minute long and the other is only like 0:36. They're ok, recorded with very poor equipment.
  14. Ok thanks i'll check it out and pm back.

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