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  1. Hey, can anyone help with my street magic routines? I would like something that strings together a few tricks into one smooth routine; builds up then hits hard at the end.

    Maybe something like this:
    -Flare (self lighting cig.),
    -Cigarette through coin (just a kicker, lol :p)
    -then proceed to "smoke" the cig using Garcia's WARNING
    I'm not even sure if this is a good routine 'cause i don't do many cig tricks :D

    Can you guys suggest any more routines? ACR is always good; "R" does stand for Routine. :D
    I'm looking for something that connects the tricks together and not just perform a series of totally different tricks. I'm into street magic btw. I don't know. Hope you guys can help, thanks!
  2. try adding in cyrils ciggarette routine you can learn it from a dvd that u can buy on
  3. don;t do his, make up your own.
  4. There's no need for two threads, now is there?
  5. As with most people when creating a routine of 2 or more effects I ideally like to link them together into logical groups that flow together.

    Sometimes this will be one trick that coincidentally leaves the deck nicely set up for another trick, or maybe it will be one trick that ends with an item that is used in the next trick. Basically I like continuity. I find it gives me the impression of being more professional than just doing what to the spectator may seem a random sequence of non related effects

    For example if using ESP cards (aka Zener Cards or Rhine Cards) it is unlikely that I would do a single trick with them instead I may string 2 or three tricks progressively showing different and aspects of mentalism.

    I thought it would be interesting (and I may well be proved wrong here) to start a thread that allows us all to name some of or favourite sequences of tricks.

    Here are some of the effects I always try to do in sequence.

    1. Disappearing Card Case, Invisble Deck
    Rather than make the box of cards disappear, just make it invisible, and use that invisible deck to do the invisible deck routine...

    2. Card Warp, Restored Card
    As with many of you when I do a Card Warp, I will end up by tearing the cards in Half, with a comment such as "If I tear the cards in half you can clearly see that just two normal cards were used for this effect." More often than not at this point I get asked whether or not I can repair the cards, so now I am prepared for this event, and with my trusty aardvark I restore one of the cards.

    3. Further Than That (Stewart James), The Secret To A Perfect Royal Flush (both from Ammar's ETMCM1).Actually they are just two examples of tricks that end with the deck set up for the next trick. I will occasionally also do a Jerry Sadowitz trick, that the name excludes me, but basically you have the spectator curt to a Royal Flush. This also is set up after "Further Than That".

    As a final example of continuity in a routine, I have considered doing (but admit have never actually done) a signed card effect that ends up with the card being lost - moving on (having aparently failed) to a cups and ball routine where the final load is a lemon, then having the lemon cut open to reveal the signed card...
  6. Learn real street theater. Can't make a living harassing people on the street in small groups. You need to learn about busking and street performing. Close-up is a nice way to hone your chops, but not profitable in the long run.

    Just a heads up.
  7. yea i know, i accidentally posted it again, sorry 'bout that:D
  8. That's quite alright, I simply thought you decided to go on a posting spree...

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