strong magic, designing miracles

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  1. where is the best spot to purchase these books? i'm a terrible shopper, and my knowledge of magic sites is limited to t11 and ellusionist.
  2. get strong magic from Penguinmagic, designing miracles from Vanishingincmagic; or you can get both from Vanishingincmagic.
  3. If you want some other sites:
  4. I got mine from trickshop magic when they had this crazy sale. I ended up getting a discount, a free DVD and some free IET with my order.

    get on twitter, follow magicians/vendors and wait for all the christmas/boxing day sales....
  5. I personally buy from when I can. Sam Blankenship has always treated me very well as a customer and he's gone out of his way whenever I've had a problem. He's running the show over there and he's always come across as a real stand-up guy. He seems to have a really good name in the community.

    Good prices, and you're supporting a brick and mortar store when you buy from them. They have a really nice inventory too. Check em out!
  6. i just checked trick shop magic like you guys recommended and they only had a collectors edition of strong magic that cost 119.95 dollars

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