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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by MagicofAdam, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. Glad to be here at theory11. Hope to get some great advice and products here. I would like some advice on whether to get symphony by Daniel Garcia or Believe by Joel Paschall. Both are very different but good. I am just looking for some strong close up magic. Any advice?
  2. I was confused by the title, because Strong Magic is the title of a very popular book by Darwin Ortiz.

    How far along are you in magic? What products have you already bought?
  3. What is there to be confused about. He is looking for magic that is strong... The same concept that Ortiz named his book after.
  4. Well i have been doing magic for about 2 years now and work at a few restauraunts and such. So i am a pretty experienced magician. I cant start to name for you the number of tricks I have purchased. But I am a intermediate magician in cards, coins, money, and basically anything really. Although I just bought Daniel Garcia's "Fraud", which I am pretty excited about. (Sorry just a side note there)
  5. Theres alot of hard hitting tricks on The Trilogy, by Dan and Dave, but you can only purchase the tricks dvd if two handed cuts and flourishes aren't your thing.

    Also, the 1 on 1 section, if you haven't checked it out, has a great deal of tricks that you can master due to the skill that you already have.
  6. @Quickshot, could you name a few of the hard-hitting tricks please?


    Believe is a great trick, perfect for restaurant work if you do it. It's not too hard either, you should have no trouble with it if you have been into magic for 2 years. Plus, it's 10 dollars cheaper than Symphony. If you are mostly into cards, then my recommendation would be BeLieve, and then buy a few 1on1s such as Five Speed, Ishkabibble Sandwhich, or one of Kenner's Triumph's.

    Symphony is a good choice too, because it has many different impromptu effects, and a few that are almost exclusively for restaurants (because they use straws, credit cards...etc.)

    The main question here is, are you looking for MOSTLY CARD EFFECTS or a VARIETY OF IMPROMPTU EFFECTS?

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.

    All the best,


    Edit: Re-reading your post, if you are really looking for some strong close-up magic BESIDES just these 2 DVDS, I would recommend a few books like Guy Hollingworth's Drawing Room Deceptions, or Pit Hartling's Card Fictions.

    Edit 2: Another good DVD for the value would be Wayne Houchin's ART OF MAGIC. It has 5 great effects that are all very powerful.
  7. Thank you very much and you did help me in making a decision. Thank you for your advice and time. I greatly appreciate it.

    Magically Yours,
    Adam Rose
  8. Glad we could help you Adam!

    Mind sharing your decision with us?
  9. Symphony by Daniel Garcia and Redline and 5 speed. Thank you again
  10. I guarantee you will enjoy Redline, I take it with me everywhere now.

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