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    Few years ago, I was reading a book called 'mind control 101' by Dantalion Jones and it was filled with useless information and it was a complete waste of my time but something I read there changed the I structure my routines.It is about three layers
    of deception. It is called 'stated, hidden and secret'.

    The first layer of our three-layer strategy is our stated intention.It is what we convey to our spectator from the very beginning(premise). The middle layer is our hidden intention. Our hidden intention is what is uncovered later on as the supposed 'real' reason for our strategic behavior(we let them 'discover' how we did it overtly or covertly). It will seem like a great revelation to our spectator. It is not our real motivation. This hidden intention that we disclose on purpose as part of our plan to manipulate our spectator towards our desired outcome was designed by us well in advance. It's purpose is to confuse the spectator and move him/her far away from our real motivation, our secret intention (the real method). When we present our effects, our spectator may think we are lying(most of the time is true) but we we let them 'discover' our 'methods' like body language, anchoring and suggestion. they won't suspect another layer of deception, though I don't believe mentalism is about deceiving people.
  2. The whole concept of magic is wrongly thought of as deception.
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