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  1. Hello there Magic/Cardistry community. I haven't been on these forums for a long time. So I have been doing mostly magic for almost half a year and I started cardistry about 2 months ago. In terms of both Magic and Cardistry I don't know what to do next. In magic I'm kinda sick of learning new techniques so I wanna switch it up. In terms of cardistry, wanna do something outside of youtube. Any suggestions?
  2. 1) Get a cardistry book ( )

    2) Treat yourself to merch if possible.

    3) Watch non-verbal cardistry tutorials (like the one with Barolo 2).

    4) Are you doing all your current moves flawlessly in cardistry? If yes... aw come on! I don't believe you.

    5) Have you tried making your own moves yet?

    6) Write scripts in magic.

    7) Read Magic in Mind (Vanishing Inc), or Steal Like An Artist (Austin Kleon) or Strong Magic (Darwin Ortiz).

    8) Have you heard pop-songs with the word 'Magic' in them? Or how popular media treats magic as? Go on, it's funny. :D

    9) Have you been performing?

    10) Have you seen all movies with magic as the subject?

    11) Read a few of the arguments on the Magic Cafe. Also fun (and actually educational. Sometimes.).

    12) Have you clicked a 'Magician Profile' picture yet?

    13) Define magic for yourself.

    14) Write everything you hate about magic and see if you are any different. If you are, figure out what makes you different. If not, figure out how to change.

    15) Feed your soul with other art forms. Do you like watching documentaries about how Dinosaurs died? Do you like eating ice cream? Do you like just reading books? Do you like listening to rap? Unless you put yourself, whole and unadulterated, in your magic, nobody will find you memorable. Neither will you love magic.

    16) Learn a different form of magic (coin magic for example, if you mostly do card magic) and cardistry (isolations, if you only know packet cuts).

    17) Write a magician autobiography. Why exactly did you start magic? Can you put that into words?

    18) Excercise. Meditate. Jump around. People feel better in life just by moving around a bit. There's a huge lack of moving around at this time, and in this era in general.

    19) Watch documentaries and read books about your magic hero's past. Figure out why you love them. Emulate them. Look at yourself like the heir of a lineage (whether you choose to adopt the Vernon lineage or the Marlo one...or did their ideas marry and create your ideas in magic?)

    20) Figure out why you think I'm a great person. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel amazing and non-stuck. Results may vary.

    Here's hoping that you get unstuck soon!
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  3. Thank you very much, i’ll start doing them right away ;)
  4. That.
  5. Definitely agree on the performing part. Have you been trying your magic tricks on people? What works best for you? What gets the biggest reactions, which are the most fun to perform? That should tell you where to go next! :)

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