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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Leon, May 5, 2009.

  1. I didnt really find it a great parody.
    You actually did some good flourishes which made it its own flourish video on its own.
    Though the style and everything was the same, it was still pretty rape. hahah
    the only part that really got to me was the Vitasoy.
    I rofled for quite a bit.
  2. 0:40 had me in hysterics. You were flaring those like you wanted to punch the camera. Haha!

    Its nice that its based off the Virts video. Thought that was quite entertaining.
  3. Haha, love the end, where he's just rubbing the deck. :D
    If you didn't say it was a parody, I wouldn't have noticed.
  4. Haha same here. It didn't really seem like a parody.
    Those flourishes were pretty insane....and then the end. Haha.
  5. because in singapore, even in parodies, we do not settle for mediocre
  6. So true :)
  7. You should practice some more, notice the crappy fans, thumb cuts etc.
    It probably looks "insane" for you because of the flashy things like the firefly.

    Comment on the vid:

    Yes indeed that was awesome.

  8. HAHAHA wtf! I got so damn stunned at how similar some of the locations looked, esp the shots for the Molecules and the panning "It's not how you do it". That was damn funny. =D

  9. That's pretty funny, at the end your just stroking your deck with one finger over and over and over...... Preeety Fuunnny:D.
  10. I think that the bad fans were on purpose. After all this is a parody. Haha, I also liked the part where you were getting ready to do the waterfall and then it ways so small.:D

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