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  1. Here's my review of the highly anticipated release Sub Rosa. Let's get to the ratings.

    Method: 9.5/10
    The method to this trick is very clever. It can be used at the performer's whim and is truly powerful. With much practice it can be imperceptible to any audience. The method is well thought out but will take a long time to master as there is a knack to it. The trick is true to its word as a spectator can shuffle the deck anyway they choose, for however long they choose. As soon as they hand it back to you, you are back in control. Unlike some tricks the chances of getting caught are pretty slim if perfected.

    Teaching: 9/10
    Jason's instruction is detailed on the basics. He explains why he doesn't go in depth into all sorts of applications. Through learning and practicing the method you will be able to apply the technique however you choose. The instruction is complemented by two decks that come with the effect, which helps the learning process.

    Application of the Method: 8.5/10
    As advertised (on other threads) you are taught how to create your own decks to preform the trick. There is brief instruction on the process. Here's the catch, making your own decks comes further down the line. You will need to practice with the provided materials to get the "knack" that allows you to effectively use your own cards. Don't expect to create a custom backed deck anytime soon.

    Application of the Effect: 10/10
    This move is super powerful. The ability to control certain cards is very handy in almost any routine. When you purchase the effect, you are morally bound to the responsibility it comes with. Practice, Perfect, and Respect the method before applying it to your routine.

    Price: 10/10
    This price is VERY low for what was a closely guarded secret. It is also pretty low considering you are provided with two decks. There is quality in both the instruction and the materials*, so as long as you are willing to dedicate yourself to the practice this trick demands it will be well worth the money.
    *I haven't received the decks yet but I trust in the quality of theory11's product, anything subpar would be disrespectful to the method.

    Overall: 9.4/10
    This is a great trick that would fit into any serious magician's arsenal. You will need to practice it in order to use it well. After you've got it down, this tool will come in handy. The main question any prospective buyers should ask themselves is whether of not they are willing to invest time into perfecting the method. The power this effect has is very great and boils down to practicing the effect until you perfect it so that you can respect the method by preforming it well.

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  2. A possibly dumb question: If it came out yesterday, how did you receive it already? Instant download?
  3. Yes, you receive a streamable video with purchase.
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  4. I have a quick question, and of course answer only if you can. In the live episode of Expose Jason produced Aces and then Kings and seemed to know the difference. Does he cover this? If so I feel like that opens up loads of possibilities, especially for the gambling style routines.
  5. Yep!
  6. Jeez this is powerful stuff!
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  7. Indeed.
  8. This trick has one potentially major "Achilles Heel" but the chances of it coming into play is slim. This is pretty much the only reason I wouldn't give this a perfect 10/10.
  9. So you have to use a gimmicked deck for this?
  10. The deck is modified with a little secret something, but key points:

    - The deck can be examined by the spectator (even a magician) before, during, and after.
    - The deck can be shuffled by the spectator before, during, and after - however they want.
    - You can use the same deck you already use (you don't have to use what we give you).
    - Important: you can use the same deck in your existing (other) card magic routines. You don't have to switch or carry around another deck just for this. That's a huge plus.

    New review just posted last night:

    "I've never done a review, but this masterpiece is the most useful thing I've learned in card magic. I've spent so much money in my life for magic that I've never used, and I swear I would pay more than $1000 for this secret."
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  11. Good to hear! It's also petty cool that you could walk into virtually any gas station and within 2 minutes after getting the "necessary materials", you can modify your own deck to contain Sub Rosa. Can't say that about a Stripper Deck!
  12. I would like to add that I have received the two decks in the mail. The quality is great and I can easily work with both decks (thanks to practicing on my own gimmicked Contraband Deck). I must say though the cellophane wrapping on the decks could be removed all together. Still though, I am happy with my purchase!
  13. When I bought "Crazy Man's Handcuffs" many moons ago (For a ridiculously low price), and saw how stupidly-simple the mechanics of the trick were to learn, I thought, "I will certainly not be able to pull this off -- it's so unbelievable".It was the first time I ever devoted practice and rehearsal time to an effect. While spending the hours of rehearsal, I also made it mine, as I developed a patter that reflected my personality and beliefs. When I performed it publicly the first time, and ever since, I got the magic performers' dream reaction (chest grabbing and gasps).

    Sub Rosa is such an effect. I broke down and bought it. When I learned the secret, I thought, "But of course!" It will be quite some time before I use it in a public performance, but I anticipate the same spectator reactions, when I do.
  14. To be honest I hated it the method was good but dissapointed when it first came out I wanted to figure it out so I studied and figured it out then after that when it came I figured I was right but I was dissapointed

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