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  1. I hear that people's reviews for Sub Rosa are REALLY good, and people (Blake Vogt) call it a game changer, but is a good control really worth $34.95? I don't even really know what I would be getting, the trailer is so foggy. I understand that it would be priced so high, since it is a century old secret, but I've got some good controls that I know that I don't think have to be replaced with this. I'm guessing people are going to respond to this thread saying that Sub Rosa is worth getting, but can you explain why? Thanks.
  2. The idea is that you can have a spectator mix the cards up (like in a bag and shake it should they choose something like that), any type of shuffling of mixing for however long they want. The moment you are handed the deck you are in control. If perfected it is nearly impossible to get caught.
  3. So when you say you are in CONTROL of the card you mean you know where it is in the deck, or it's on top, or what?
  4. You know where it is in the deck, and you can access the cards at any point. It truly is like a secret weapon.
  5. To be honest, my real concern with Sub Rosa is also on the price - that it's too low. Something like this, where it's a REAL secret, unknown to all but (seriously) a select few in the world - able to fool anyone no matter how closely they're looking?

    Sub Rosa provides the ability to have the spectator examine and shuffle the deck, as many times as they'd like, however they'd like, and then immediately proceed to control the cards. Better yet - this isn't some crazy, rigged up deck that you can only use for this one routine. You can integrate this technique into whatever deck you use already - right now, and be using this concept tomorrow.

    That sort of information is worth its weight in gold, and something I think fairly priced even at $100 for those serious about card magic. That's the sort of information you usually CAN'T buy at all - only learned with private study and direct mentorship. I spent $34.95 yesterday at Outback Steakhouse and I'll never see those dollars again. With Sub Rosa, this is something you'll learn and get value from every day for the rest of your card magic life.
  6. That's hilarious :D.
  7. For me, SubRosa is a game changer because you do not have to worry about maintaining any crimps/bends, marks, breaks, etc. It is the perfect solution for maintaining control of a card/group of cards even though the spectator has thoroughly shuffled and inspected the deck to the most extensive degree. And the fact that you can locate them blindfolded is even more amazing and adds to the impossibility. This isn't for everybody, but it is something that you can add to a deck you already use, and you can still do the tricks you already do with this in there. It is the ultimate version of hidden and concealed as it gets. It does not get in the way of anything, either. It's the perfect secret weapon.
  8. As Casey mentioned, you can do this to ANY custom deck you already own. We include TWO decks for different difficulty levels but you're in control of how difficult and fine you want the work to be. Most importantly, you can hand the deck to your spectator to shuffle to their hearts content and you'll always have access to say... the four aces.

    On top of that, you can have access to another group of cards of your choosing. You're always in control of which cards you need access to. Once you're familiar with the concept, it will take you a few minutes to custom make your OWN Sub Rosa to suit your difficulty level.
  9. The cards can be located ANYWHERE in the deck without any prior knowledge of where they where. You don't have to control the cards to the bottom of the deck, or the top, or the middle. I could, with absolutely no tricky anything, simply hand you the deck, let you shuffle your heart out, and in a brief moment I could have all four aces. A moment later, I could have all four kings. I could have found the kings first. Doesn't matter. With most controls you are going to need to know where the selected/desired card is at before you can control it. With the information you learn in SubRosa, you can eliminate this requirement in many tricks.

    SubRosa is simply a little gem that has been skimmed over for years. When you watch the video, you will see why. When I first watched, halfway through the video I was still thinking "Well, this is nice. But what is the fuss about?" Most people who have read about this idea likely did the same. It is not bright and shiny. Not on the surface, anyway. When Jason began to talk about the extended applications for this (specifically when he began to talk about how to use this for two groups of cards, ie Aces and Kings) suddenly I realized that this really is powerful. There is a lot that can be done with this when you leave behind Jason's instruction and start to explore on your own. Really, the price here is really, really low for what you are getting. There is no quality instruction out there yet on this idea. Though old, it is a rare, fresh idea to the community. Check it out. The reviews will back us up on this, they already have.

    // L
  10. As i mentioned in the other thread, maybe the shipping is something unnecessary, if it can be done with my own decks i wouldn't feel the need to have anything more than knowledge itself.
    I've seen other people are asking about a download version only, so i'm not making this post to be annoying, but just to take this idea in consideration (for your international clients).

    PS: just curious: is this a move that comes from the gambling world? i've seen similar effects when studying marlo and other blind phantoms
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  11. I think it is worth it. There are few people who adapt your deck in a similar way the decks you'll get are, but are more expensive and just for your own deck you have to send to this person to be prepared. 34$ is a steal for 2 decks and the instruction video...the real value to me is not the secret, nor the deck, it's HOW to use it effectively which will be covered indepth by Jason, I'm sure. I don't care for the decks so much and would prefer an option for download only, because shipping cost to Europe is a bit high.
  12. I second this. Please consider a download only option.
  13. My biggest question is if I have to have a table to perform this. Could I perform Sub Rosa completely standing up with no table around? Thanks for your help!
  14. I was actually wondering this too; performing this in say, a restaurant setting where having table space is not a reliable resource
  15. If you take time to perfect the move it is possible.
  16. It's more suited for Table situations... Possible to do standing? Anything is Possible, but it is more suited for a Table as far as 'Techniques'
  17. Jason teaches this in the context of a performance at a table. Yes, you could do this standing, however you will be on your own to come up with the ways to do so. The secret itself does not rely on a table, but the easiest applications for it do.

    // L
  18. Just to clarify my previous post, I have nothing but respect, unspoken gratitude, and huge admiration for my beloved Outback Steakhouse. Sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by such vicious remarks. I shall now go and order 27 Bloomin' Onions to make up for my misdeeds.
  19. Also hilarious :D:D:D.
  20. About to say, I eat religiously so food is more of an investment and I will see the results it produces later on.

    For those iffy on price, I just bought this. Not ready to review it as yet, as my feelings are still mixed. Though, one thing I did notice was the footage, not the method, was taught well, but in my opinion needed more angle shots. Will leave a detailed review of all aspects after a week!

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