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Submersion, Two cards come together

Apr 27, 2008
Submersion from

Effect 9/10

Take two random cards and put them on top, then place them one at a time one near the top and the other near the bottom, with no funny movements and no cover the cards melt together through the deck. The effect is very nice and with some practice it looks so smooth. I don't work with cards that much anymore but this is one effect I would do alot. There is also a face up version of the trick but I prefer the face down.

Angles 8/10

Angles are fine except for whichever hand you do the move with. Ex. Use your right hand then left side is exposed but he shows how to get past this and I will say that it looked very clean. Other than that the angles are great and you should be clean and set.

Impromptu 9-10/10

For the face up version you need a very quick setup and set for the rest of the time but face down version there is no setup at all and what you see is what you get.

Difficulty 6/10

The move at first is very knacky and will require mirror practice and the instructor does it so smooth that if done even half as good you will get great reactions. After maybe a week of solid practice you should have it the move down

Overall 9/10

Takes time just like any other trick but instead of getting it perfect you will be working at getting the trick smooth. Angles are great and this is just like Fallen but twice as good since its with two cards and much better looking with no cover.
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