Subtle One-Way Face Design in Ask Alexander Cards!


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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Hey guys!

If you guys know already, Conjuring Arts has made their Ask Alexander cards available to the public for purchase. I received my cards earlier this week and noticed something very cool about the face design.

If you look on the indexes/pips, one corner has a wider and darker pip than the opposite corner. This goes for all of the cards. Here is what I mean if you are still confused:

Let's say you are looking at a Queen of Spades. The Q in one corner is printed in a thicker black and "wider" fashion, while the opposite corner has the Q printed with less black and is thinner. If you have the cards already, you will know what I mean.

This got me thinking. I arranged all of the cards to have the thin pips in one corner, and the thicker pips in the other. You can do a card location by spinning the deck 180 degrees after they take their card out. Just make sure they place it in the same way they pulled it out (think about the basic Stripper Deck). I would advise looking through the cards with the thicker pips facing you and trying to look for the thinner one, because it is a more significant difference in size.

The spectator's won't notice a difference because a card corner is a card corner...

Just hope you guys can use this in your routines if you have the Ask Alexander cards. I think this works for the Erdnaseum decks as well. :)
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