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  1. Hello everyone! I couldn't find anything in the search about this but I just thought it would be neat to hear some of your success stories. Maybe others might find some inspiration and go out to perform and better themselves as magicians. Any comments? Again, sorry if this has already been discussed.
  2. I think every time you go out to perform it should be a success story. Personally I try to take that moment in time for that group of people or individual and make them laugh, smile, scream and forget the rest of their worries.

    When I performed up at Put-In-Bay last weekend I was completely floored that MANY people have never had a close up performer entertain them. I'm not just talking a handful. I performed for at least 50 people that weekend in small groups of 3 or 4 and NONE of them had seen a magician before besides David Blaine, Criss, or Copperfield on TV.

    There are probably a few performances for all of us that may stand out more so than others. Maybe it was for a bride and groom, perhaps an elderly man in a nursing home, or a sick child. These are all great experiences.

    Sometimes it isn't even a paid gig. Maybe it is just you and someone one on one who is having a terrible day and you are able to turn around.

    I cannot say I have one in particular but there are quite a few.
  3. I try to make each of my performance to be successful, and in most cases it is, and everything because of practicing. And if this thread is about cheering beginners in magic up, then the only thing I can say is practice, learn from anywhere you can, come up with your own techniques and methods, go out and perform (you'll be nervous and even shaking a little bit when performing for the first times, but then everything will go away), and you will see, that every minute of your practice will pay off with spectators' reactions. For the first times I reccomend you to choose an impressionable audience (such as girls or kids), their super reactions will be something like advance for ya. Practice, don't be afraid to perform live, good luck! Peace.
    - AlexanderB
  4. Obviously, we are going to have good shows and bad shows. What is one show that actually sticks out in your mind and that you would never forget. Mine would have to be, not really a performance for an audience, but for my 3 year old daughter. Once she was old enough to know what's going on, I showed her a simple spellbound trick. Her eyes just bugged out and she grabbed the coin as soon as I was done. She looked at it for awhile then said "change it back". I took the coin from her and made it disappear. She freaked out once I pulled it out of her ear. Now, when ever she can't find something she always comes up to me and asks me to pull whatever she can't find out of her ear. A couple days later she was showing me her magic trick where she hides the coin in her hand and throws it behind her. After she throws it she asks "where did it go?" But anyways, seeing her amazement on her face will be one thing I will never forget.....

    p.s. she is wanting to learn magic now and wants to be like her daddy.

    There is my somewhat success story. It may not sound that good to anyone else but it definately meant the world to me.
  5. It's a great story, man! And it's just the most wonderful thing in the world that you amazed your daughter and maybe even inspired her to do the magic.
  6. Well, last night I easily did the boldest trick I can imagine. It was a simple pick a card trick, but I blatantly fanned the cards with the faces towards me so I could see the selection. I acted like nothing was unusual though, and since I obviously knew the card, I got both of my spectators really involved in shuffling and such.

    When I revealed the card, both of them were stunned. Neither remembered how I had fanned the cards and couldn't figure out how I could have known the selection. I laughed so much after they left.
  7. @Silver

    Damn you. I've tried that so many times after I saw The Amazing Johnathan do it and I've never pulled it off.

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