Sudder by: Dee Christopher [review]

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  1. So Dee has just released 'Shudder,' an impromtu demonstration of mind over matter. [you can check out the teaser, and purchase it, at MINDLAPSE(dot)net]

    This effect, to me, is incredible, and I'm NOT just saying that. Seeing the can move is sheer beauty.

    Effect: With 'Shudder' you're able to move a soda can, that can be borrowed, across a table//surface using your mind.

    Dee shows you two different versions of how to perform 'Shudder.' Both, of which, have their pros and cons, but they're equally great.

    In the video he goes over everything you need to know about the effect; leaving nothing out.

    I highly suggest picking up a copy, or at least checking it out.

  2. Cheers for the words Branden - I knew you'd be into it :)

  3. Shudder is the real thing, or at least thats how it looks.
    Dee makes a great job both in performing and teaching the illusion and the production is amazing.

  4. I just received a copy of this and I have to say it is very good. The original "impromptu" version was something that I was already familiar with, but I never used. Watching Dee actually perform it made me want to go out and try it. (Which I did earlier today and it got GREAT reactions). But, aside from just the method he goes into much detail about the mechanics of the effect and all the subtle points to make them mis-remember things and just make this look as REAL as possible.

    The gimmicked version is also very cool. Good for when you are in a completely surrounded environment. Dee once again goes over all the subtle things you'll need to know for the effect and does a great job of teaching.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in learning some very real looking and practical PK. Good job Dee.

    Matt Mello
  5. Thanks for your thoughts Matt - I'm really glad you enjoyed the DVD and hope you're having a good time with the effect!:)

  6. Looks cool, for the gimmicked version is there a gimmick you have to build? If so, is it hard to build? Is there easy to clean up?
  7. You may have to buy a little something to make the gimmicked version, it's very commonly available from magic stores however, and very cheap :)

    there's pretty much no clean up involved at all, the can could be picked up straight away by the spectator in both impromptu and gimmicked versions, you attach nothing to the can.

    Once you've seen the video, you could begin practicing the impromptu version straight away, it doesn't take long to perfect!

    You won't be disappointed in the video, we worked long and hard on this and it's had input from some fantastic thinkers as you'll see in the video :)


  8. I just bought this and am anxiously awaiting the download to complete. Should be a GREAT addition to Power Word: Fall. I will write a review when I have seen and used the effect. Thanks D! -Matt Sconce
  9. I just saw your purchase on the log in fact Matt!

    I'm sure you'll love it! You could use the gimmicked version with PWF, It's what I use - I'll PM with deets!


  10. Review by Matt Sconce of the PK effect by Dee Christopher - Shudder:
    Effect found at :

    I am a PK freak. It is my passion in Magic, hence my releases of Power Word: Fall and Mage Touch, and my newest that will be released in the next few months. When I saw the teaser for Shudder several months ago, I was salivating to see this effect and learn the method as the visual was stunning.

    I had very high expectations before viewing this, and I was NOT dissapointed in the least. Put Simply, this ROCKS!

    The impromptu version of this effect is great for many reasons. The first is that is is actually completely impromptu with a can that is not empty. And although I would not do this, it is instantly repeatable with no setup. That is extremely good stuff.

    The gimmicked version is extremely deceptive and effective. It has the feel of being gimmickless because it is absolutely invisible to the spectator. It is still their ungimmicked can you just borrowed, and can immediately have them pick up and examine.

    Dee teaches this effect nicely in the video and has an easygoing and witty demeanor which is easy to learn from.

    I WILL use this often. I am grateful for its release and reccomend you buy it NOW. I love it! -Matt Sconce
  11. Shudder

    I just checked your website and see that DVD is still not available....

    Just 2 questions for you:
    - What is the format for the DL?
    - Is it possible to save a copy to a DVD?

    Thanks for answering my questions. :D

    Looking forward to purchasing your effect!

  12. Hi Rochaz, The DVDs are currently at the replicators. They will be available from dealers within the next month.

    The DL comes as a .WMV file, so you can run it in windows media player or download "flip4mac" plug in for quicktime on mac.


  13. Shudder

    Thanks for the quick response! Much appreciated...... :p

  14. Anyone have this?? Is the demo video the version you can do without a gimmick?? There is 2 scenes where the can moves just curious if i can do those both with no gimmick
  15. Dee teaches a gimmicked and impromptu version for your style or enviroment your in.
  16. Thats not what i asked... I asked if the trailer he shows is the version with or without the gimmick.. There are 2 clips where the can moves and i want to know if you can do those both without a gimmick..
    I have sent him a email and message here with same question but still no answer
  17. I would assume so. The moving of the can and the distance moved may depend in the method your're using.

    But I can say that both methods do probably have their advantages.
  18. I've not received any emails or messages. Ask any one about my response times - I make an effort to respond to any questions asap.

  19. I agree dee you always respond to all my emails.. Sorry if i sounded rude it was a little out of line.. Was having a bad day bro .
  20. ungimmickedness

    this trick is way cool, i haven't had a moment to try it yet, but am looking forward to getting home and having the opportunity to play around with it! Dee has some clever clever stuff and this has to be my favorite! althought I cannot fully say wich version i like best since i have not tried either in a real situation yet i have to say just by the video that i love the ungimmicked version. i love the impromptuness of this and how really easy it is to perform which allows you time and energy to concentrate on the presentation. - sorry i haven't had a chance to get back to you about it Dee but this thing is really great and I'm glad to have another effect I can add to my impromptu toolbox so I can leave the house more confidently, i'm up to twice a week now!

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