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  1. Sunk
    Creator: Seth Rovner & Paper Crane Magic
    Price: $9.95 Download

    Run Time: 25 minutes
    Quality of Video: Good....a little dark lighting at times but nothing that you cannot see what's going on.
    Needed Materials for Gimmick: You will already have what you need....I assure you. The same gimmick is used through out the performances and can be made on the fly within seconds....under a table, in another room, etc.

    5 Effects Included are all variations of a Rising Card Effect
    1.) In Hand Performance - The spectator cuts off 1/3 of the deck, selects a card to be signed. This selection is placed openly into a thumb fan, closed and that stock is placed back into the box. Keep in mind that the 1/3 of the deck that was previously cut off from the beginning does not get to go back into the box. The magician asks the spectator to make his hand into a claw to get ready to grab at the cards as they are thrust out of the box towards the specator's hand. The spectator will grab their selection every time because of the method.

    2.) Instant Performance - This is virtually a behind the back rising card effect. A spectator gets to be the magician and hold the box of cards behind his / her back and one card will rise out of the deck into their hands to be taken out. It is of course the signed selection.

    3.) Slow Jam - This did not do much for me visually. It is supposed to be a rising card effect that the spectator watches right out in the open. As the magician places the deck and selection back into the box...all of the cards sink except for the selection which remains protruding up out of the deck and box.

    4.) Grabbed - The selection and cards go back in the box which then goes in the magician's pocket. The selection can be pulled from the magicians pocket freely. This looks like a bad version of Oz Pearlman's Clutch Effect.

    5.) Impromptu Rise - This is an "in your own hands" card rise effect. The magician using both hands holding onto the deck magically makes the spectators signed card rise up out of the pack.

    There are a few live performances and even the spectators don't seem to be that enthusiastic. None of the effects require any sleight of hand and are easy enough for a beginner to perform.

    Overall Impression: Those of you who know me know that I do not sugar coat things. I call it like I see it. This is not something I can honestly recommend to purchase. It is a mediocre effect at best and is overpriced. It should probably be half the cost for the effects that you are getting to perform and I do not see myself performing any of them. Sorry but just not my cup of tea.
  2. Hello!!

    Maybe a link to this trick on where to see a demo or the product itself would help!!
  3. Hey Luis, I'll post one in there. I don't do as good of a job as Draven....he has these reviews down to a science. Either way, Sunk is not a product you want to buy.
  4. Great review Rick! I was waiting to see your thoughts on this product.
  5. Thanks Will. By the way....had a blast last night and did blow some minds. Effect of the night that destroyed the guests was, Free Will (if you don't have this you should) look it up at Elmwood magic.
  6. Just curious, Rick. What made you want to buy this download in the first place?
  7. I didn't purchase it. Papercrane Magic sent it to me with a few other downloads and dvds of their products to review. Good question though. I guess I should have explained that.
  8. what else did you get? did you get Doohickey Switch?
  9. Yes...going to review that tonight and possibly a few other items depending on how much time I have. I have a lot on my plate right now.

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