SUNK_Seth Rovner

Mar 21, 2010
As I write this review, I am "at lost for words" at the simplicity behind it. 'Sunk' utilizes an ingenious - on-the-fly - gimmick (if you can all it that [and I mean that in a good way]) that will take you no more than 2-3 seconds to construct. Seth is definitely a great teacher, going as far to show you how to make the "Sunk Gimmick" and giving you those vital tips to take the full advantage of the "Sunk Gimmick".

Four effects on the download incorporate the "Sunk Gimmick"; In Hand, Instant, Slow Jam and Grabbed.

Of all the effects taught on the downlond, 'In-Hand' is by far my favorite of the set. The moment of the spectator holding one card in their hand, face-down, and for them to turn it over and witness the moment that it's their signed card is really an amazing treat. Also taught is a very convincing impromptu card rise, dubbed the Impromptu Rise - at first it may seem a little iffy, but once you get it down, you can have an effect to perform when you're put "on-the-spot".

For a mere $10, you can't go wrong with 'Sunk' - you'll absolutely think of many possibilies with the gimmick.
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