Super Bowl Magician "The Hand is Quicker than the Eye"

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  1. hey guys..

    do you remember that video on youtube of the magician doing a halftime show where everything just went wrong?.. really windy and stuffed everything up.

    it was posted in a thread a while back and i've been searching and searching and searching all over youtube and all through the T11 threads but i can't find it.

    can you guys help me?


    MODS: you can delete this once it's been found! (please not before) :D
  2. thaaaaaaaat's the one!!

    thanks so much dude!

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    No problem.

    I do kind of hate this in a way because Blackstone was so good but it is a lesson in preparation. They couldnt practice because of the rain and everything got mucked up. That doesnt excuse him dropping the rabbit but hey its happened to all of us.
  4. Ouch...

    What a horrendous idea. Even if everything went according to plan I still would have hated it.

  5. Me too, but it's still a shame he bombed like that.

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