Super Sharpie?

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  1. i am interested in purchasing one, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. Is there a reason for this? Is there a better version out there?
  2. First, tell me what the poop is a super sharpie.

    Is it those freakishly huge sharpie pens?
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    Michael's has every type of sharpie available. But whats the point? a normal one works just as well. the only reason i have so many different sized sharpie's is for Homer Liwag's Penmanship routine

    edit- ignore everything i just said, didn't know it was a trick. i feel like a noob who has been pwned. now im gonna go hang my head in shame
  4. I think the super sharpie is similar to pen through bill.
    Edit: nope, that's sharpie through anything.
    Edit2: this is the prediction sharpie, right?
  5. The super sharpie is a sharpie **** ****** combo that is one of if not the most useful tool in mentalism
  6. And this guy has it right!

    It's a swami Sharpie, basically.
  7. Ok, my edit2 was right. This is an excellent tool.
  8. sorry, I deleted my comment.
  9. yes i am talking about the gimmicked sharpie I am just wondering where i can find one
  10. I got mine last month from Penguin Magic, but I see they're all out now. Sorry. :-(

    I can tell you it's ingenious how it works, but it takes some practice to get the move just right. In fact, I am still practicing with it. I do believe that the time I'm taking to get this just right is worth the effect.

    Penguin will get them back, I'm sure. Just a little patience. :)
  11. ur better off with a swami gimmick than the super sharpie in my opinion.
  12. Can you re-fill these yourself or would you need to buy a new one? I'm wondering because it will help me decide between the mini and normal size.

  13. yes, u can refill them ur self. the instruction come's w/ the packet for free:).
  14. Cheers dude! Mini it is then :)
  15. With a little search a got some results for you. Usually its around the 40 - 45 dollar mark. I recommend you get a normal sized one as you want as little attention on the sharpie itself during the performance. Yes, you can refill it and yes, you can use it for other routines.

    You could go straight to the supplier -
    Or these guys have it too -

  16. Do you know what a swami gimmick is?

    Swami is every sort of secret writer that fits around the thumb area, there are fingernail writers, boon, band, thumptip, and another one I believe. Just a little information.

    Super Sharpie is great because it is very easy to carry around two things in one, especially since both are useful in mentalism.

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