Super Triple Coin (Improved Version)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by AlvinChing, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Here's the improved version (with extra ending) of the Super Triple Coin by Johnny Wong.

    During the Blackpool convention, I was told by him that this version was only released nearly 1 month ago. & soon later (probably a month or two) Ponta will help him to officially release onto the market.

    So yea, I do hope u guys would enjoy this! =)

  2. that was really great to watch and reinforces i have a lot more practicing to do :)
  3. very nice routine, a couple of flashes though. The gimmick looks alright, but as cool as some coin gimmicks are, if you can't routine them into a full set, they're too impractical to bring in or out. There's someone out there that can find a use for them though.
  4. Super Triple Coin Improved Version

    I like when players like him win it. Guys that seem like good bench players, and suddenly they get a lot more responsibility and rise to the challenge
  5. it's a great routine, bravo, i have questions about the set, it's a mix between sleight of hand and gimmick ? can you do it for table hopping or cocktail ? did you learn other chest high level routine with this set ? because i'm looking for visual routine like three fly
  6. Nice eye candy. I propose a challenge. Since you have the routine down give it some patter and make a nice presentation. I know you can do it.

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