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  1. Anyone have any new info on this? I am a huge Kenner fan and have heard amazing things about this. I have a few Schoolcraft coins and his work is amazing so the combo of him and Kenner has to be amazing. I hope this isn't a really small limited release.

    Hopefully someone else has some info. Maybe Chris reads the forums and can give some info.

  2. Ive put some thought into this too but cant find anything. Its out when Magic LIVE comes
  3. Too Bad for me I won't be there at Magic Live but really want to get a set when they release.
  4. Does anyone know if Katie Kenner used "Superfly" in her video "KatieFly"? Which rocks by the way.

    But not as much as her stacking dice video. You are a lucky man Mr. Kenner.
  5. No I think she most likely did the basic 3 fly routine.
  6. Looks like she does one vanish using some form of sl@*&ng [ .
  7. I'm pretty anxious to get my hands on Kenner's "Superfly" myself. I'm actually on the waiting list for Magic Live! as I waited too late to register and it is now completely sold out. If I do make it to the convention I'll be sure to snatch up a set. I'm sure this is bound to be killer stuff!

  8. what is super fly? is there a vid? i dont get it
  9. Its very very expensive!! I wouldn´t spent that much money in just that trick, I´m fine right now with three fly

    I know jamie schoolcraft make this gimmicks, but still it´s way to expensive
  10. The thing I fail to understand is why this effect is even needed. While the gaff could very well have some amazing other uses, Superfly looks almost identical to its ungaffed (and remarkably less expensive) counterpart. All you gain are a few extra shows of the hands being clean, but if you wish to have the coins examined at all then you won't be clean anyway. It seems rather pointless to me, but I could be just missing something here.

  11. Its expensive for a reason, I would guess making the gimmick cost a "butt load" Jack webster credit.
    Also I do believe you should not buy this if you are not a worker, if you are a regular worker I would think this effect would be well in your price range. Personally I am happy it the cost is so high, it will keep it from hitting youtube and not everyone will have one like the dlite at a mall magic store.
  12. I agree, there is minimul difference between this and the normal version of the effect. As for saying its in the price range of a worker what on earth does that mean? Because you're earning your money from magic it makes sense to spend a lot more money on something? There's no logic there.

    Personally I prefer the normal version as you can borrow the props and the spec would not be able to tell the difference between it and superfly.
  13. I disagree. If you are making your money from magic, the routines you perform must be top notch as well as your gimmicks and props. For a worker, those props are his life, they are what puts a roof over his head, so it only makes sense that they would use the best they can find. It is the same reason that professional dove manipulators use thousand dollar cages instead of the one you can get at your local shop for a hundred bucks. Does Superfly fall into this category? Not from what I've seen, but then again I can't really speak as I don't even know what the gimmick is.

  14. From what I have read from other forums what you get are incredibly well made gimmicks that can apparently go through inspection, why you would let a spectator touch any of your well made coin gimmicks is beyond me, to much of a hazard of them dropping them and possibly dinging my shell. I digress the coin gimmick is incredibly good but isn't recommended if you don't love the three fly routine because the gimmick is meant only for that routine.

    Now this could be a very off opinion because it has played telephone with me from somewhere else. I would suggest if you want more information on this to go to other forums like the cafe and the ginii because they have actual reviews of the product already. Just search Superfly and you will get your information.
  15. Good reply :)
    Far too often though people say things are worth it too a worker to excuse the expense. Magic is damn expensive as anyone worth their salt will have realised by now and far too often people try to excuse it by saying it's cos theyre a worker. I totally agree with you on that if you are a worker then you want the best available however that does not mean you should spend your money on the most expensive thing. If I had a choice of buying 4 regular silver coins for £30 each or the set for $600 dollars when they achieve exactly the same effect, I know which one I'd go for.
  16. Just a quick note in update that we are SOLD OUT of all Superfly that were available at the Magic Live Convention in Las Vegas as of the time of this post. They went QUICK, and were in very limited quantities. These are some professional grade props, and they're priced as such. They take Jamie almost a full day to make a piece.

    More may be available online soon via special order - these were just the ones we had available and prepared thus far. They come in an industrial metal portfolio (see below picture).

    Will post some more details soon, but for now - back to the convention!

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  17. It seems to me like a superior gaffed version of Bob Kolhers effect which you can also hand out the coins. Also I've read that the same type of effect can be done with Lassens Gaffed version as well. Also sort of like Come Fly With Me.

    It's a neat thing and possibly a "cleaner" version (IE: handing the coins out.) for the magician who still has Magicians guilt.
  18. Because everyone here can afford to spend an outrageous $600-$800 for one coin set...


    Oh well. Have fun those who bought it. lol.

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