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  1. I am a student of Erdnase and am always trying to increase my proficiency of the techniques he teaches. I own several pieces of supplemental instructions but I wonder if someone more proficient in Erdnase could offer what they think are the best pieces of supplemental instruction on Erdnase's techniques.

    What books, DVD's and videos out there help magicians learn the techniques taught in Erdnase?
  2. I would say:

    -The Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz
    -Revelation by Dai Vernon.
  3. P.S. I read at the last second someone "more proficient" I am not claiming this , I am just recommending the books. :D
  4. The Experts at the Card Table by David Ben that is linked to above is absolutely gorgeous and is filled with great photos of hand positions. I highly recommend it.
  5. The winner here clearly goes to Ortiz's _The Annotated Erdnase_. It wins on its own, but it also provides you with more than enough rabbit trails to follow to infinity. With ECT and TAE you have far more than fifty lifetimes worth of study ahead of you.
  6. I would ask Jason England. He's one of the most proficient experts in all kinds of Erdnase related stuff.
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