Surfaced Trailer is up...

Sep 3, 2007
I thought it was cool, but I guess I don't understand all the hype about this product. It's a cool move, but I think a lot of you guys are getting way too excited about it. The demo was awesome, though; I wish I owned the camera they shot it with... I'd love to have videos of that quality.
Dec 3, 2007
Think about it... One handed moves are so good when you want to misdirect. Need I mention the one handed top palm?
Also come on. Just think about it from a layman's perspective. This change looks like real magic. No weird hand covering. Only a slight tilt of the deck. I know some of you will think of this as only another color change you can post a video of on theory11 or Youtube, but I think about how people will receive this in real life.

And this will be good!
Oct 28, 2007
if im thinking clearly the end does not use a double backer, think about it if he can do it with 26 cards and he can (shows it in trailer) he can do it with any number of cards which should make it possible.
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