Surfaced unnamed trick?

Nov 7, 2009
So the Surfaced DVD by Chad Nelson teaches 7 tricks. But ive recentlly been seeing people do a trick which isnt on the DVD. Its REALLY simple and straight forward... You just do a change to there selection but does this have a name? If so please tell me as I like to know the name of the feects I do and want to do. So basically if you know the name for the trick where the spectator takes a card, you shuffle it in and then you take a card which isnt theres and shake it whilst its on top of the deck and it changes to there card. Please tell me what its called. Thanks :)
Jun 1, 2009
Not sure of the name. Probably is unnamed, as it's so common. It's just a control then obviously the change.

Unless I'm totally incorrect and thats not what you meant...

Yeah this seems right. Its just like any other effect with a color change, except the clipshift.

Control the card to bottom, reverse it, turn top card over, do clip shift. BAM!
There's your effect.
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