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  1. Hey guys,

    I just have a quick question. A couple years ago, Daniel Garcia brought out "Kaos" the surgical card thru window. After watching the demos and everything, I've absolutely fallen in love wih this effect, and I'm seriously considering buying it. However, I've shown the demo to my mother and one of my friends, and both of them got the method right off the bat. But then again, they've seen hundreds of effects performed by me, so maybe they know what to look for? I guess my essential question is, Does Kaos by Daniel Garcia actually fool, and amaze people?
  2. Yes it does.
  3. Kaos by DG

    I actually love this effect but the problem is tht this effect can be caught easily.....this dvd is only recomended for those Intermidiate and Advanced magicians cause this effect ustilizes palming and think b4 buying it
  4. You have to consider: the suspected method (the only possible way the effect could be accomplished) vs. the actual method are the same. However, if you first establish some credibility, and you perform it at the right time and the right place, with a good presentation, the effect will accomplish what you want. Basically, the key is to make sure you frame it properly.
  5. I used to perform this all the time. My old high school had lots of glass windows and doors, and the effect kills.

    Then one day when I was performing in a bar in France some people asked if I could do that David Blaine trick with the card going through the glass. So I accepted the challenge and did this. They all figured it out straight away and I haven't done it since.

    I think Mat La Vore has it spot on ....An idea of how it can be done is so easy to come up with, that the spectator is instantly not amazed.

    The task of getting a spectator to press the cards up against the glass in a way that suits you is not always going to go how you want either. Some people spread and drop straight away, others don't spread enough. It's a lot of audience management, and suited me perfectly when I was just a casual performer in school, as apposed to doing bar close-up and walk-around at weddings etc.

    That being said, it's the easiest and most practical card through window around. So i'd go out and do it if I were you.
  6. I performed this many times, and it fooled people many, many a time. It's a great effect if you have the audience management to pull it off. It requires a HANDY sleight but is well, well worth it. The best CTW in my opinion. The simplicity of the method makes it more difficult to figure out, especially if you're on the receiving end.
  7. I rarely, rarely take request on tricks that I should perform for that specific reason. They know what they are looking at, and the surprise and misdirection are a lot harder to pull off.
  8. Wow, I should totally change my name to Daniel Garcia. ;)

    Just saw this randomly and want to say a massive, massive thank you to you guys. I really sincerely appreciate the compliments and I had about a million reservations when I created this about releasing it, but random posts online like these just really encourage me. So I appreciate it guys. :]

    Okay, back to the shadows.

    || sean ||

  9. How incredibly rude of us .... we all have it and didn't correct the " Kaos by Daniel Garcia " in the first post.

    It's a Sean Beard effect everyone. Not Garcia, but that's who taught it on the DVD.

    Apologies Sean.
  10. Of were the creator of the concept...I was aware of that...I have to say, that the original concept is better...since your hands look clean...


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