Surpass Control by Nottingham

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  1. Surpass Control

    By Nottingham

    What is it?:Simple is a control that lets you do this
    • Control the top card or middle card to anywhere in the deck
      Tenkai palm the controlled card
      A steal

    Control the top or middle card:Basically you if you have the card on top then you can control anywhere in the deck by simply squaring the deck. For the middle card you dribble the cards and ask the speactor to say stop. You show their card and dribble it again and you can put the their card anywhere.

    Thoughts:I really like this. I see myself performing it in the middle then the top. Some people will really this. At first it will be akward using the control but you will get use to it.

    Cull:This is a pretty neat idea for the control. Its not really a cull, but it does what a cull normally does. You can use as a force or to control the card to the bottom.

    Thoughts:Already said this was a neat idea. I see myself using it in the future but not as much. If you like to cull then this is pretty awesome.

    Tenkai Palm:You can tenkai palm the control card. That simple

    ThoughtsThis one caught me interset. I don't really know much about tenkai palm, but this to good. If anybody likes to tenkai then you have to check this one out. I working hard on this one.

    Steal:You can steal the the top card or middle card. he says it possible form the bottom, but their easier ways of doing that.

    Thoughts:I don't really care for this one, but if you love stealing then this will be great.

    Final Thoughts:This PDF have something for card guys out their. Its a great control with many applications. It will be great if Nottingham but some routines using his Surpass Control. Also I seen him perform this control and didn't see a thing. Some its a pretty good control, but can't do this surronded. I give it a 7.5/10
  2. What is it ?

    Where can I find it ?

    How much it cost ?

    Can I see how it looks like ?

  3. Its a pdf a member is giving to some people so they can review it.His username is Nottingham, if you pm him with you email adress I sure he will give you the pdf.
  4. Thanks for your review Nino. I'm glad you liked it. For anyone who is wondering what it looks like:

    Sorry about the quality in advance.

    -Cody Nottingham
  5. I didn't want to start a new thread, since my post is also going to be a review on the control. It's a great control; I won't use it all the time though. But I really love the method behind it. What I like most is using it for a cull, yes it is awkward at first but after a couple of days of playing with it, is like second nature to me now.
    Great idea.
  6. Just watched the video for this control.


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