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  1. I have created a cool card trick that has no setup. A number is thought of and a card is remembered at that number. Even when you are not told the number or the card you find both, Blindfolded. If you were watching this what would you do to make it better.
  2. The deck would need to be shuffled at the beginning by the spectator to impress me :)
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  3. The deck can be shuffled before hand.
  4. Seems like a good enough trick to me, but yes, it would be much more impressive if you let your spectator shuffle the deck. This sounds like a really good effect! Do you plan on releasing it on the Wire or Youtube?
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  5. I plan to release it on the wire as a free download. Whats great about this effect is that it can be done any time any were with a borrowed deck. No setup and no sleight of hand, and the deck can be shuffled before and after the participant has a number. And the spectator shuffles! Everything could not be more fair.
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  6. Thats cool. Can't wait until you release it!

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