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  1. Looking for all the ideas I can get to progress my creative process on the use of these things. So far I have come up with using them to connect on a more human level by listing things that make us happy. All ideas are welcome and I would be more interested in ideas not just forcing words.
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  2. I really like the idea that Franco Pascali had in the YouTube videos Theory11 posted. He combined the Svenpad with Astronomical by Peter Turner (good material in my opinion) and blew away his spectator. I myself will more than likely pick up the Svenpad just for this killer combo!
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  3. I'm the creator of the SvenPads and thanks to all for your support of this incredible product. There are literally endless possibilities with this innocent prop that should fly 100% under all radar for your performances. The pad should never be the focus of your effect - it should act as an invisible addition to it. Franco's video was outstanding: It shows the complete fairness of the procedure. I also recommend pulling the cover of your pad all the way back before handing to the spectator. You do not want to temp the spectator to riffle or flip multiple pages - so always SHOW THEM first by demonstrating what to do - "Open the pad and take a quick look at one page only."

    Other nice ways of having them peek is to show all the pages to be different - then hand them the pad, ask them to look directly in your eyes as they flip through the pages and to STOP wherever they want (while looking at your eyes). Then tell them to peek at where they stopped.

    Many performers worldwide are secretly using this weapon for pre-show uses and it is superb for that.

    You can also put more than one force on each force page: This is what Oz did on America's got Talent. This can add a "dual reality" element which mentalists are already quite familiar with. For example all the pages might have the names of celebrities, but the force page might have BRAD PITT (Oceans 11). The (Oceans 11) in parenthesis allows you many other hits, and the audience will have no idea how you got them. And the spectator will be amazed that you got both the name and the film.

    Other ideas are to put RANDOM statements on all the non-force pages (similar to Franco). You can also put lists of things on the pages.

    Many corporate performers like me are using the pads to list the features of company products with the force of one particular item - great for trade shows or a special client.

    Drawing duplication is also a great use for your pads.

    *Please do not make your pad the focus of your presentation! It should be used, then tossed.

    You can also use the pad for a "tossed out deck" idea - this is what Justin Willman does now for his stage shows to powerful effect/

    All ***purchasers*** are also invited to join our private Facebook page. If you would like to join please send a photo with your online FB request, showing proof of purchase of your SvenPad in hand. Thanks for your support - and thanks again to Jonathan Bayme for his incredible support and creativity.

    Now go blow some minds :)
  4. I have seen blake voght perform a "tossed out deck" type routine with it. You can have 3 or so different "force names" then have 3 people each take a peek and stand. Then simply say the 3 force names and say "if i said the name you are thinking of please sit." all three will sit (even if all 3 saw the same name)

    Blake does this with "things i am allergic to" and it gets great reactions!
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  5. I have to say, I am super excited to get my hands on my pad! When it arrives I will be flooding my mind with idea. But that I think is for me to keep. If you want to get your creaative juices flowing, then it is best you come up with them on your own. At first this will harder, but you soon become a genius like Blake with practice and time
  7. I am still a little unclear how to know what the person has choosen when they control the note pad
  8. Ever heard of a Svengali deck?
  9. I got 2 pads and am excited to use them. I am scared to write anything on the page yet, because I want to make sure I use one that will be Cool, Popular, and Mystical. I have (2) so all my eggs aren't stuck in 1 basket, so to speak. Nice Creation Brett!
  10. This is also the way Justin Willman is now using his SvenPads for all his stage shows.
  11. I have also just gotten my hands on a svenpad, and really love it! However I also need some more ideas for the type of tricks you can perform.
    I have performed it once, here was my presentation:
    I have different beverages listed in the pad. The forced choice is "a glass of red wine". I now tell the spectator that I want to read their minds, build that up, and then reveal a wrong beverage, like Faxe Kondi. They say no, and you look sad, and admit that you screwed up. Then say: sometimes mind-reading goes wrong, and if it does I always have to drink the sorrow away. Then produce a red glass of whine from your jacket and take a sip.
    Brett Barry, I would love to hear your thoughts, if you have any, on that idea?:)
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  12. There are unlimited presentations using the SvenPad.

    It is a tool. If I gave you a hammer or a screwdriver, what could you build with it? Unlimited possibilities.

    My background is now as a full time mentalist. This training gives me some extra tools that go beyond just making something appear magically. There of course is nothing wrong with using your SvenPad to help with a magic trick. Making a glass of wine "appear" is a magic trick. Fun.
    But if you want some extra power, it's important to study a bit of mentalism theory. With wines or beverages you could reveal the TASTES, colors, the region the wine is from.
    You said the force of beverage is "red wine." In my opinion that's a bit boring. That would be like me saying I want to buy a red car. WHICH car? Which model? Which engine? Which year??? Where would I drive it???
    So I respectfully suggest that you get very specific. For all the Force pages perhaps write RED WINE (Chateau Lafitte 1997).
    The extra information (in the parenthesis) on Force pages can add extra reveals. In mind reading the revealing must be interesting - the tastes, smells, maybe a place they taste the wine.
    In your presentation making it seem like you didn't know the right beverage - but then pulling out the right one - in the end of the audience thinks about it, it's obvious you DID know in fact and we're lying. Personally I think it best to not use any wine props or glasses. This will make it all more powerful and mysterious. Take your time. Don't rush. Make it intersting.
    Hey I know many here at magicians- but maybe then use a sealed envelope in your pocket or a prediction that you show up from but reveal in the end. In this way perhaps you influenced them to make a decision.
    On our Facebook page we have a wonderful free PDF written by Michael Murray in the files section. Many ideas there. There is also the wonderful eXtreme SvenPad Supreme PDF available here (more than 75 routines).
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  13. Hey, lets get this crazy thing under control. So, "force names". Then 3 people peek. Stand then simply. You lost me at trying to be cool bro.
  14. ??? what? lol
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