sweating hands. need help

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    hi guys im new when it comes to cardistry/flourishes

    i just bought 5 dvd's to learn today. because ill start learning today
    and a bicycle black tiger deck

    there is a little problem my hands and palms always get sweaty (a lot)
    so everytime my hands is wet

    i really need your help on this
    will this stop me from being a great manipulator?

    i really want to be a great manipulator of cards one of these days
    hope you can help me

    cheers for the advice.
  2. I highly doubt that it'll be a problem. It just takes practice to get good. You see I have the exact opposite problem I have extremely dry hands and I can tell you from experience you don't want your hands too dry you always want them a little sweaty. If it's like a ton of sweat tho and you're having problems you can try that hand cleaner stuff that dries on it's own(the name escapes me right now) it's got like alcohol in it so it dries your hands pretty quick. Maybe someone else here can think of the name? bleh... I'm so tired right now...
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    tnx man now i know that i can still flourish tnx!

    more suggestions. please do leave a reply

    and ey. the cards get a bit wet also now :(
  4. I believe Greenstickman is referring to hand sanitizer, it'll keep your hands in perfect condition. My cousin's hands are also really sweaty, it can ruin a deck pretty quickly so I'd definitely be using hand sanitizer if I was you.
  5. Nice Grammar Markeeeeey!

    Feel confident and take deep breathes. Then rub your hands together right before you handle the cards. These steps always help me! I hope this helps!
  6. Haha, yes thank you. That's exactly what I was referring to.
  7. Only hand sanitizer has a sticky-ish residue left on your hands once you've used it, which also speeds the process of clumping.

    For a long time, clumping will continually occur. Just let it sit for a few hours in a cool place and it'll be fine.

    Also, clumping is not the best judge to use when you're not sure when to throw out a deck. Current USPCC decks can last me nearly a month and a half because of the stock durability.
  8. I also have really sweaty hands (some or most of the time) so I went to a doctor and he said I could use something called driclor. It is basically a STRONG anti-perspirant and all you do is put some on a cotton pad and rub it on your hands at night before you go to bed and then wash your hands in the morning. It helps to reduce the sweat in your hands. If you choose to do this, then do it nightly for 1-2 weeks (I think) and then weekly or twice a week as needed. Of course you might not want to do this but I hope this helps none the less.
  9. Does this method have any of the side-effects that using soap often has, such as red and rough skin? I generally try and wash my hands with soap if I don't want them sweating for a bit, but it's not too good for my skin.
  10. I have used it sometimes and as long as you don't put heaps on, I don't think that it leaves your skin rough. It just leaves your hands dry. By the way, don't rub your eyes while you have driclor (the dri part is pronounced "dry") on. Wash your hands the morning after you put it on at night.
  11. If you don't mind my asking...what were the dvds you got?
  12. Oh, you may want to also try out: Sortkwik. You can find it at Staples, and it's only a couple of bucks.
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    Sortkwik is supposed to moisturize your fingers, not dry them out. Although it does contain alcohol, so it will eventually dry out. But it won't achieve the effect you desire at all. Sortkwik is often used in offices that have to deal with counting money or sorting papers. Magicians who use it mainly have dry hand problems, and lightly dab their fingers on it and spread it around for some on-the-spot moisture.

    Try disinfecting wipes, like Lysol wipes. They're portable, and they'll dry your hands if needed at the moment. But too much of it will ruin your skin, so I'd recommend moisturizing occasionally (with some sort of hand cream/vaseline - not sortkwik).
  14. A good thing you should have done had been to buy more deck of cards, and not so many DVD's or both, I also have sweaty hands and I change decks often when they get warm and sweat. And that helps alot :)
  15. @truffles

    I bought Extreme Begginerz vol 1 and 2
    Tudor showoff 1&2
    and Dan and Dave Trilogy. :D my black tiger decks side our now white :|
  16. Regarding the black tigers, that will happen to almost any black bordered deck. I would also recommend to practice with bikes since they are much cheaper than black tigers.
  17. Probably should have replaced the showoff DVDs with cards/EOPCF.

    Sweaty hands just means you have to either wash your hands often or switch decks more often. It's actually not that good to be too dry. I have pretty dry hands and some flourishes are difficult to do like the revolver (for some reason I see that more as a flourish) or mockingbird.

    Yeah, all black decks will start fading after a while. Probably the only black-bordered deck that hasn't done that to me are the blade decks, but then again, only one side is black.
  18. I use driclor regulary, it helped me, but not as much as I would want it to. Flushing hands over cold stream of water also helps to reduce sweating.

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