Sweaty Hands

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  1. ok um ive been having sweaty hands for a couple years now nd it makes it hard to work wit cards at times nd interact wit an audience.
    im jus wondering if anyone knows a way to help fix this
    nd i jus want to point out ive been doing magic for 4 years now so i kinda doubt its the whole nervous thing
    it happens wen im not performing to
    so yea
    any advice?
  2. wipe your hands on your pants.
  3. wash ur hands ALOT and yea wipe your hands on your pants as well

  4. can can use the hand wipe as cover for say the 26 shift
  5. i do all of that but it jus seems to get worse somehow
    nd the weird thing is that its jus about any weather
  6. maybe get some chalk, idk if that will help you
    it might ruin your cards, but try it with a deck once or twice
    like chalk, i mean rock climbing chalk.
    you could also try some anti-persperent
  7. I don't know if this will work or not but sometimes my hands get dry because I do balloon sculpting, there is talcom powder inside of them. My hands are usually sweaty too but not if I have the talcom powder on my hand from the balloons. You could try a little bottle of talcom powder and just sprinkle it on your hands prior to performing.

    Also...I have left a folded up paper towel in each pocket and in between tricks put my hand in my pocket and squeezed them to dry the sweat off.

    Also...what about hand sanitizer? It has a tad bit of alcohol in it which will also dry your hands out if you put some on your hand prior to performing. Of course rub them and get it dry first.

    Hope one of these works for you or at least helps you out a little.
  8. This is top secret right here that I never tells anyone b4, here I shall revealed my method of stopping sweaty hands. The Secret is Fanning Powder. Apply them to your hand and you will fell the difference.
  9. ok thanx guys
    i appreciate the support for this
    its been a huge problem for me lately so yea
    ill try as many of these out as possible
  10. There are a couple of things you can do that would make sense from a medical point of view.

    If you are looking for a permanent solution, then you need to dry out your skin. There are a few ways you can do this. One slow inexpensive way is to buy hand sanitizer that contains a lot of alcohol. Do not buy the ones that have scents in them. You want a plain antibacterial hand sanitizer that contains a lot of alcohol. Use it as often as you can. The alcohol in the sanitizer will start to dry out your skin overtime.

    Why alcohol? Alcohol dryes out the skin. This is the ingredient that is found in most face washes or pimple creams that we find at the grocery store.

    A faster approach would be to rub rubbing alcohol on your hands multiple times a day. This isn't the best thing to do for your skin, but it will dry your hands out pretty fast after a weeks use.

    If your hands are that bad, I would use the second method and follow up at the end of the day with a little lotion to maintain some of the natural oils your hands put out.

    Hope that helps.


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