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I've known Shane for a few years now, we've done some work together in the past and I consider him a friend, with this in mind, of course this review will be slightly biased, but I'll present to you from as neutral a perspective as I possibly can!!

So, What's the trick?

Go to http://www.papercranemagic.com/sweetlydone.htm to find out and see the video!!

If you don't want to click just yet due to my enthralling writing style, then the effect is as follows;

The magician borrows some sugar packets and sets one aside, a coin is then signed by the spectator and it visually penetrates the packet without any funny moves, the packet can be shown from all angles - The coin is GENUINELY behind the wall of the sugar packet!

Of course the packet is then ripped open and the signed coin dumped out!

Sounds good?

It sure does, and the method is a really nice one too - Shane teaches with precision exactly how to go about making this effect play JUST as it reads, great choreography, inventive gimmick and it's all packaged up nicely in a 23 minute instructional video in typical PAPERCRANE style and quality.

For the [just] under $10 asking price, I feel that anyone who doesn't buy it is very silly.

It's a great trick, great tuition and a fantastic debut effect from a GREAT new mind in magic.

Again, catch the video and purchase HERE and I can't wait to hear everyone elses thoughts!


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Thank you gentlemen for the nice words. I would like to chime in here for a second and give a little more details on the effect. The packet can be placed in their hand before the penetration and after if you so choose but more importantly they can actually feel the packet assuring there is no quarter in the packet before the penetration and after. The construction of the actual gimmick should take no more than 5 minutes for those of you that work restuarant gigs. This effect served me well and still has over the past several years while table hopping. This is the first of many projects in the works with Papercrane so keep your eyes out for our christmas release "The Pandora System" recently a best seller at the Daytona Magic Convention for it's pre-release party be expecting that in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns T11 is still my home as well. Dee has been a huge supporter of mine for the past several years and I extend my gratitude to him but the review he gave is pretty much spot on with the impact and design of this effect for the price its a deal. Thanks guys!

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