Switcheroo 5 Pack Bundle NOW AVAILABLE!!!

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  1. https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/michael-obrien/switcheroo-5-pack-bundle

    The Switcheroo Deck Holdout is a utility gimmick that allows you to easily switch one deck of cards out for another. It is perfect for the strolling magician because it remains concealed on your person and does not require any sort of tabletop or surface to work on.

    In this video you will learn 5 of Michael's favorite routines including; Mini Deck, Blank Triumph, Tri-Gone Jinn, time Wimey, and The Chicago Closer. In addition to these 5 full length routines you will also lean several deck switching techniques using the Switcheroo Deck Holdout. You will also learn how to make the gimmick yourself from objects you already have in your own home!

    Looking for a practical deck switch? This is IT!

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