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  1. Pls help me with my Sybil cut! The packet held with my pinkie, ring, and middle finger always slips out. Any tips?
  2. I like to think of cardistry has having certain 'focus' points.

    When you're gripping the packets, focus on the 'focus' points. These are ANY points where ANY of your finger contacts the deck or a packet deliberately. If such a packet needs to move, then focus on improving the strength of these 'focus' points.

    For an example, in a basic straddle grip the 'focus' points would be the upper sides of the outermost phalanges of the index, and the pinky fingers. Improve the strength there and you'll have a strong, non-slipping straddle grip. Apply this principle for every motion or grip or re-grip within the Sybil.

    Secondly, extend the fingers. You want to have sufficient space between the packets.

    Thirdly, you can try putting rubberbands around packets if you want.
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  3. Thank you for the advice!
  4. the more you practice and try different cuts the more you will feel and notice your hands being able to move in ways they didnt before atleast thats how it was/is for my just started trying cardistry about 4 weeks ago
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  5. Practice. It is all about the strength in your fingers. Practice just gripping the entire deck of cards using just those fingers. Once you can hold the entire deck for at least thirty seconds, you will find that a smaller packet will be wayyy easier to hold. Other that that, I can't really help you except to tell you to practice. Good luck!
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  6. Use tape, it's less bulky than rubberbands and won't damage the playing cards.
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