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  1. I have always struggled with the sybil, in getting it to be fluid and fast.

    Now I am past that. I do it very fast (or slow, whichever I want) but I can't get it smooth.

    YOu would think after a year, it would look at least a little smooth... Mine just looks like a bunch of cards flying around...

    Any tips on how to get it to look smooth?

    I do it at least 5 times a day...
  2. You only do 5 Sybils in a day? That's your problem.:p Anyway, here's how I learned the Sybil. I learned it from a source that most people probably would not recommend: The Trilogy's Flourishes 101 section. ;) It was the first "complicated" cut I learned. Before learning it I could only do the Charlier. It took me a little while to get smooth. Then I expanded what I did. I learned the Revolution Cut, One Handed Fan, and stuff from Dangerous. (I actually learned the Sybil before the one Handed Fan. Strange indeed.) As you expand what you can do, I think it will just naturally get better.

  3. I too learned this from that section. I kept getting stuck and then realized that there's a tutorial for it on the flourishing dvd in the jackson 5 with better teaching.
  4. Well, my problem may lie in how I learned it.

    I started out in flourishing because I saw Zachmonky do a video of it and thought it was cool. I figured, "Well, since I know so much magic and card stuff, this will be a cinch."

    This was about 8 months ago. I was WAY wrong.

    The first things I bought were the Trilogy and Dangerous. I didn't like the way the Trilogy taught, so I watched Dangerous.

    I couldn't learn a thing... I was just... Sucky back then. The first thing I learned was a cut I called Fluid. It has evolved, and blah... blah... blah.

    Anyway, I won't bore you anymore. I learned about 3 flourishes badly, and then I watched 4 sybil. That is where I learned the Sybil, yes, before I learned the 1 handed fans as well.

    I at first thought I was doing it right, but a month later I learned my fingers were in the wrong positions to start with... So... I started over.

    I KNOW my hands are in the right places, I can do the sybil any way possible at any speed. I just can't get it too look smooth...

    So yeah. Sorry about the boring post. But Sinful, your post was very helpful. I think you may be right. Anyway, I am very inspired now. Time to pop in Dangerous and the Trilogy once again!

    Thank you for the help. If anyone else has suggestions, please post them!
  5. Post a video if you can - maybe that will help others to assist you.
  6. Good idea! I will attempt to get one up tonight, if I can.
  7. Dunno if this will help... But try to like open your hands as you do it. RAther than just 'passing the packets' try moving them out wider. I think it looks a little better. Hope this helped...
  8. That's helpful! Thanks!

    My video will be posted soon... Man...
  9. Beleive me, you have to practice your ass off. Your not going to get anywhere at all only doing it 5 times a day. I do a sybil maybe dozens and dozens of times day. Your gonna suck for a while, but after all your hard work everything is just gonna start to click.
  10. do it all day long. and don't do wthhts 1 more than 1 cycles. keep going after you're getting bored and doing it really fast without much thinking.

    good luck man
  11. To get a great looking sybil, take up as much space in front of you as possible. Also, be as natural as you can. Turn your body to give different angles, and loosen up.

    Here is a great video that will help to advance your sybil. Ths is the 6th and final installment in CardShark88's sybil teaching, so check out the previous 5 if you like it.

    Most youtube videos for learning magic and cardistry are not recommended, because you get what you pay for. This is one of the exceptions.

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