Symphony by Daniel Garcia - Teaser Two : The Rising

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  1. Earlier this week, theory11 unveiled the first teaser video for the latest project from the mind and manuscripts of Daniel Garcia : Symphony. Tonight, we have posted the second teaser video.

    Five high-impact, practical effects from Daniel Garcia jam-packed into one DVD. Coming very, very soon.
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    Oh man this looks like it's going to be really good.
    That 4 card change into aces burned my eyes out. seriously it did. I can't see..

    *stumbles around blindly*
  3. OMG! I've got chillz all over my body....Danny...if..if i could hug you..omg..where do you get your inspirations from? Keep up the great work an I will definatly add this to my shrine...err...collection
  4. ok i wanna know if anyone is behind me on this....first off let me say this the preview looks great....the effects look and are amazing.....but im pretty sure these effects arent new. i saw some not all but some of these effects in the genii magazine he was i said the straw and bill effect AMAZING...but maybe it was just my expectation but this one seems it might keyword might be a little of a let down. But of course there is more to come so i could be way wrong here

    Just my opinion
  5. That is true, i heard that from sources that " Butter Bill" was published earlier in the 08/09 year, but COME ON! its DANIEL FREAKEN GARCIA!!!!!!
  6. Well it does say from the mind and MANUSCRIPTS of Daniel Garcia. So any old material is fair game for this!
  7. I was hoping for a multiple disc set, but I'm still excited for this.
  8. I don't know what to think about this yet. While I saw some stuff in that teaser that I liked (The card thing was crazy) I also saw some stuff I didn't like (Hotel Keys? Who just has those laying around?) I won't judge too soon, of course. I am hoping the rumors about the crazy visual Triumph are true, because I just love Danny's thinking behind cards, so hopefully he does have more than one card thing on here.

    So far, I think know what four of the five tricks will be.

    1. Butter Bill(I actually only have one copy of Magic Magazine, and the one containing this was the one I have)

    2. The Hotel Key Magnetic Cards effect

    3. Some sort of Bill through Rubber Band

    4. The card effect we saw in the video. Maybe a Re-set, or a poker routine.

    I too wish there was more than just five effects of the dvd. I was hoping for multiple discs, but o well, I'm sure it will still be pretty sick.
  9. Well I know everything on the DVD now.

    Cerca Trova
  10. Not this again! >_<
  11. Here's is what i think is on there:

    1. Butter Bill.

    2. Static (updated).

    3. A variation on the classic Reset.

    4. A bill through rubber band effect.

    5. DG Box Steal.

    I'm guessin 5 from the first teaser where you can see a deck box.

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    (never mind)Can't wait the trailer.

  13. Why the heck are you posting that? I don't think that A, you should be trying to critisize Danny G, and B, why post that here? Nobody cares if you know how to do it or not. And you don't. It only showed about 10 or less seconds of the effect.

    Plus, no one can understand what you posted, and I am sure Danny can't...
  14. DG vs WH

    Mm DG and WH comming out with a 5 trick dvd in the same time.

    wonder what's going to be the best.

  15. Actually, It should be like the David Stone series. Symphony is just the first in a series of DVD's. (If I heard right)
  16. Your both speculating. They havnt said when its going to be released. Could be tonight could be in a month or more.
    Also, while theres talk of a series from Garcia they didnt say this would be the first part of it or not. I think you may be merging rumors.
  17. I had a friend who actually discussed this with Daniel Garcia.
  18. ahh. Inside info. Always good.

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