Symphony Update?

Hey guys,

This is going to sound like a terrible question and I'll probably be clobbered ...for it.

Theory11 started showing all of these promo's for the Daniel Garcia DVD "Symphony". And everyone was watchng and commenting on them, but all of a sudden the promos just stopped and no more discussion of this project came up. But I haven't been on here in a while, so maybe some announcement was made and I just missed it.

So when is Symphony being released?

Dylan P.

Deleted member 2755

Patience. Stingers were just released. T11 didn't forget about Symphony. I'm sure it's coming soon.

Also, Katie made a post a little while back that Kenner is busy with Copperfield and is preparing to have a child so Totally Out of Control is delayed until further notice. It's coming, but we all just have to wait.

Jan 19, 2008
Well i dont think they would release it around the time of Waynes project, so either sooner then you think or later after Wayne.
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
Symphony is most likely done filming and everything, they just have a few minor things to take care of and then send it to the factor to be mass produced.
Feb 9, 2009
Reno, NV
I'm really, really, really hoping that it's available via download(or both) and that it's released before July, because I'll be going somewhere and a lot of those tricks really looks useful when I go on my trip.
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