T-11 Card design

Hey guys, I am a Creative Director for the web, with a background in illustration / design etc... I am also a budding part time magician from the UK. Here’s a quick concept I designed (ps - I created these loooong before ‘deck one’ was about, so just thought I’d share ;) it has a real industrial feel, and works well with the T// logo.

I really like the chain around the outside which helps to give it it’s depth, as well as the way it’s structured so it looks like all the cogs are interrelated and the T// logo is kind of like the key. When in motion it would almost feel like the cogs and chains are moving. Imagine a pirouette spin, as it’s slowing down would appear like the cogs and chain are grinding to a halt!

Anyway a quick idea, maybe you like, maybe you don’t, but would welcome any feedback.


Jun 22, 2010
Martinez, CA
They do look great.

Time to open up the 'ole copyright rules though. I wouldn't even think about giving any away without permission from T11 :p

Giving any away? I don't think he has any right now, if he does then if I were him I would have shown a picture of them in a fan or any other flourish.
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