T11 Alignment Problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. When I load up T11 on my Ipod touch the fourms align far to the right, off screen and unable to navigate to any thread or forum. Am I the only person with this problem? Did T11 change some value themself? More Importantly, how can I fix this? I've tried refreshing, opening a new page, and restarting my Ipod touch with no luck.
  2. I have the exact same problem. If you look at the regular site, you'll notice that it also has alignment issues and a couple other problems.

  3. That isn't a problem for me, however the navigation buttons are ****ed up from where they were before.

    It is probably because of the Gift Card icon (present-icon.gif) in the header of the page.

    It is 32 pixels tall, while the closest icon to that in height is the "Community.ID" icon, which is only 23 pixels tall. This causes the flash navigation to be shifted down several pixels.

    I don't see any problems with the forum area right now though.
  4. yeah im having some of the same problems... the whole task bar is missing so i cant search for anything...
  5. same problem here: no search button and when I watch the site with my i touch it is all to the right.

    Can someone fix it please?
  6. I sent a PM to Raiker yesterday but havent recieved an anwser, we shall see...

  7. In order to use the Search feature, you must be in a forum. It will show up as "Search this Forum" in the top right hand corner (directly beside "Forum Tools"), somewhat under the portion that shows your Private Messages (or other notifications). Or, if you are in a thread, the feature will change to "Search this Thread". It seems like the features from the taskbar were just moved elsewhere, thus the taskbar was removed.

    As far as the right aligned issue on the iPod Touch is concerned, I am experiencing that, as well.
  8. They should make a mobile site for iPods and iPhones.

    I will contact t11 about this.

  9. Here's a bit of irony...

    this thread was on JDENredden's twitter feed and it sounded like something serious.

    at the time I was reading it on my iPhone, so when I clicked the link, it brought me here, but of course I couldn't read it, and figured it was more serious. lol.
  10. Badabing - fixed. Should be all good to go.
  11. Weird, I'm having problems on the desktop, (missing taskbar, alignment issues) but on my iPod Touch, everything is perfect, in fact, the alignment is the best it's ever been. Weird.
  12. Everything works just fine for me now. Thanks JB!
  13. Everything is working fine on the desktop, and the iPod. Thanks!

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