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  1. Do you think that Theory 11 and dananddave.com would be good together?
  2. what do you mean mix? i like that they are unique and two separate entities. I think they have different goals and different styles and personally would not like to see any sort of merger.
  3. At first glance, it seems like a good idea, but dnd focus on tricks while T11 focuses on magic :)
  4. Goodwin's Reflections? Williamson's touches on the Top Change? Carney's palming videos?

    Yeah, that's not magic at all.
  5. We pride ourselves on working with a diverse alliance of artists of all styles, ages, and genres of magic. Dan and Dave are certainly among that group, and we have worked closely with them since before theory11 was launched. They are creative, extremely talented, and constantly forward thinking. At the moment, we are collaborating on the new Smoke & Mirrors v5 decks. Our goal is to make these the coolest ones yet produced, and seeing the proofs from the press today - I think that has been achieved. Coming soon.
  6. Now let us all take a moment of silence for the AWESOMENESS that is about to be revealed...




  7. The last two that you listed off really aren't magic things, just teach in videos on a specific move. Also Tumble's humor must of been lost because most of the DandD magic tricks are tricks and really have nothing more to it other then, look heres a card if I put it here and snap my fingers, it's no longer there! Magica!
  8. The last two are touches and subtleties from magicians whose magical knowledge seeps through in their videos teaching sleights.

    As for lack of presentation, it's not as if there are any t11 releases that teach magical theory. Look, here's a card, and I'll rip up, blow on it, and now it's back together again! Magica!
  9. you guys are kinda proving my point. different styles, different approaches and most importantly DIFFERENT FOLLOWERS and forum members. Really no need to argue. Just disagree and leave it at that.
  10. I wouldn't know never watched the vids. My point still stands though they are touches and subtleties not magic effects/or things that look like magic. Not saying T11 doesn't have the same kind of videos though.

    Does Dan and Dave sell magical theory? No they sell subtleties, sleights and flourishy bits of trickery.

    Ripping a card and restoring is much much more magical then this:


    Too quote Eric Mead, "...Anytime you do something skillfull, that speaks to method and actually makes the magical aspect diminish..." EMC
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    there is a difference from magic based performance and skill based performance. do not use "magic" as a constant to determine the aspects of tricks. it is all about character and presentation in performance...... whoops, i mean... cerca trova.....

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